Five Profile Picture/Selfie Rules Men Need To Know ASAP

When it comes to the science of profile pictures and selfies, women are very up to date on it (or maybe it’s just me and I’m a psycho, idk). Anyway, when it comes down to it I would much rather you using your valuable likes on my fab profiler which I spent a good ten minutes editing and choosing a nice filter for, rather than giving your likes to that girl who already gets 879 likes. SHE DOESN’T NEED ANOTHER ONE. Am I invisible? Why is it that I am in love with you but you choose to ignore my expert use of Valencia?

I will never get 800 likes, I struggle to get my own mother to like it, so it would be nice if you could at least pretend I don’t look like an alien all the time…
Here are (my) social media picture rules men need to know (and when I say men I mean men that I want to love me, I’m not fussy at all)…

Rule #1: You can only like my profile pictures and selfies.

Rule #2: Rule number one is the most important rule of all.

Rule #3: Okay fine, you can occasionally like my friends pictures.

Rule #4: Rule number 3 only applies if I am also in the picture being my usual stunning self.

Rule #5: Ignore rules 3 and 4.

Something tells me my expectations are too high, oops!

Hope you enjoyed this daily dose of crazy!

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