Five Disney Men We’ve All Encountered

I’m always shocked when someone tells me they aren’t a huge Disney fan, my entire childhood was built around Disney. My idea of an ideal man was based on the characters and romance of these films. However, I can also spot the not so great ones, they aren’t all Prince Charmings, there’s the occassional frog thrown in there too! Here are the five Disney males we have all encountered at some point in our lives…

1. The Beast
“If you’re creeping on his Facebook, just remember he’s hotter in person I swear!” Nevertheless, looks aren’t everything.

2. The Gaston
Nothing but muscles and arrogance, move along please…

3. The Flynn Rider
Is he flirting or does he genuinely hate me? I really can’t tell…

4. The Aladdin
You know he could end up getting you into trouble but you can’t resist the rebellious streak…

5. The Peter Pan
Ummm can you please stop ditching me for the lost boys? Why is Tinkerbell first in your Snapchat bestfriends? I think she has feelings for you…

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