Five Struggles We Face While Outfit Hunting Last Minute

Clothes shopping is generally a great experience, but sometimes it can leave us feeling down and often quite angry (just me?). Last minute is the worst, there is just no time to waste. You have one day to turn your wardobe from zero to hero. Here are the most annoying things that can happen while outfit hunting on a Friday for your Saturday night outfit…

1. Make-up stains
Tan and orange foundation should be banned from fitting rooms altogether. “Wow don’t I look fab in this Sally Hansen soaked bodycon?”

2. When it’s reduced and you realise it’s an imperfect item
Ohhhhhh it has a huge rip down the front and a broken zip so that’s why it is now €55 instead of €60. What a great €5 reduction for risking looking like I’ve been predrinking with Freddy Krueger.

3. A person beside you also eyeing up the last size 10
Just gotta subtly knock them aside with your Kim K booty.

4. “The items on the floor are the only ones left”
Ummm yeah but the cream won’t go with my white heels so can you please go look just incase before I sprawl across the floor and burst into tears?

5. Not being able to find ANYTHING
What am I going to wear now? My communion dress? School uniform? An outfit I wore last month?! That’s it, I’m not going.

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