Rant Of The Week : Five Types Of Toxic Friendships

Now I’m not about to go on a “can’t trust anybody” rant, but at this stage in my life I decided a blog post about true friends is a good idea. We all go through life making and losing friends, and as we get older we look back at the not-so-loyal ones that crossed our paths and ask ourselves why we were friends with them for so long. That’s just life I’m afraid, you live and learn.

Every girl needs her girlfriends, even if you don’t see each other as much as you would like. They are the sisters we choose and their differences are what make such a good friends group. It is very upsetting to think that some girls aren’t lucky enough to have them. I know I would be lost without mine. At this stage in my life I am getting rid of negativity and keeping my true friends close. You know deep down which friends are true friends. For example, if there is one who is always jealous and putting you down, don’t ignore the warning signs. Do you really want her standing among your bridesmaids in 15 years time? Didn’t think so.

Here are the five types of “friends” you should definitely start distancing yourself from…

1. The sneak
She is nasty, but others rarely see it. Always coming out with sly remarks to put you down but usually hiding it with an overly girly laugh or smile.

2. The user
“This is why I love you, you give the best advice!” Well you didn’t seem to love me for the past six months when you had zero time for me in your hectic schedule and forgot that I existed…

3. The jealous one
Usually acting weird when you get a boyfriend, getting moody all the time and showing no interest in your adventures from over the weekend. Friends are supposed to be happy for you, always remember that.

4. The backstabber
Yeeeeah, I had planned on snogging the face off him like I told you for the past year while I’ve been head over heels in love with him, but please continue, I didn’t mean to interrupt….

5. The stirrer
“Ah here you’re my friend, I obviously did not tell anyone you look like a camel? She made that up.” Some people are very good at twisting stories!

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