Five Reasons Why Brothers Are The Only Men You Need

Firstly, my brother is going to absolutely murder me for writing this about him and embarrassing him, but I know he loves me really, but still, if none of you could tell him about this that would be great…

My brother is 16, so he is younger than me but we’ve always been very close. He is my favourite boy best friend that I have. Here are the reasons why I think they are the only men you really need in life… (well, kinda!)

1. They protect you like your dad
They’re less embarrassing than your dad (no high trousers or lame jokes) but always do his job when he’s not around. “I would say yes to going out with you but I’ll have to ask my brother first, sorry…”

2. They treat your properly
Even though you irritate the life out of them they treat you like the princess you are and only want the best for you. They don’t openly admit how great you are, but catch them alone when you’re down and they will tell you (it’s all in the family genes).

3. You can teach them how to treat women and about life in general
I don’t know about you, but aside from teaching him inaccurate things to scare him from a young age, my brother seems to have learned a lot from seeing my sister and I heartbroken. Some of my boy best friends just don’t compare, get your act together lads…

4. They actually text you back
Okay, that’s probably because the message said “Mum said to tell you to empty the dishwasher, do it so I don’t have to or else I’ll kill you!”, but still…

5. You can be yourself 100%
“Can you pass me the remote, I ate too much pizza and now I can’t move…”

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