W7 Catwalk Face Shaper Review

This month I bought myself the W7 Catwalk Face Shaper in Morrison’s Pharmacy, Cahir for only €6.99. (They also have SoSu nail varnishes, need to get myself a few of those soon!)

I’m naturally very pale anyway so was wondering whether I could get away with the face shaper on a daily basis with my everyday foundation. I use No7 Stay Perfect foundation in Calico because it is so natural.

Usually when I go out at night I do contour anyway, but I tend to do that when I’m completely tanned up. One day my mum told me my face looked a completely different shape (them Kim K skills I’m telling ya!) but anyway, I don’t want that on a normal day, I just bought the face shaper because it promises that it “shapes and defines your face like a catwalk model.”

Fresh faced and make-up free!

I tried it out and I really love this product. It is so affordable and perfect for any girl that loves a natural everyday make-up look. The brush included is great and the product is small enough to carry around in your handbag. I used my No7 contour and highlighting brush to blend the highlighter and shade. It goes through every step on the back of the box so you know exactly how and where to apply everything.

Being fab as usual…

For me it turned out so natural because I used a subtle base foundation which I love, but I am also going to try it out on top of a darker shade.

The end result without eye make-up or lipstick. A nice natural finish.

Overall, for me, this is a make-up must have!

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