Rant Of The Week: Wearing Pyjamas In Public

Right, now I’m all for lazy days and chilling out but there comes a point when enough is enough. For some reason, people going out in pyjamas really really annoys me. It’s like, girl, what you at?
I was in a chipper recently and a woman came in wearing pyjamas. Firstly, it wasn’t even that late, and secondly, it takes like thirty seconds to put on a hoody and pair of tracksuit bottoms, you may think its pointless but those real clothes can instantly boost you from a 1 to a high 7. Just saying.
I love wearing pyjamas but I just think wearing them in public is really lazy. Put some clothes on love. The only time I would do this is when I’m going into town at night and know for a fact I won’t be getting out of the car.
I have plenty of fab pyjamas, but does that mean I like wearing them on the runway of everyday life? Of course not! I like to make some bit of an effort. Hair and make-up doesn’t affect me and neither do really casual clothes, but pyjamas are just something else.
This is one trend that I will not be sucked into, it all needs to stop now before it takes over the next generation. And people think selfies are bad, can’t wait for dressing gown and slipper ootd’s…

Seven Thoughts We All Have When Reading Indirect Tweets

Twitter can be a very entertaining place, however, it can also make you lose all hope in the human race because of the amount of indirect tweets.

For anybody who doesn’t know what an indirect tweet is, it is basically like a Facebook status on Twitter talking about someone without mentioning their name. In most cases it is a form of cyber bullying. I have had indirects aimed at me in the past so I tend to laugh them off, or confront the person about it. Don’t mess with me, you’ve been warned. I may be little but I can be feisty.

This post is for anybody who has gone on Twitter to share your thoughts about the porridge you had for breakfast but then discovered a moment of scrolling later that you’re “annoying” or “not trustworthy”. Oh right, well I put blueberries in it for anybody who is focusing on my tweets while this other drama and one-sided Twitter war is going on…

Here are seven thoughts we all have when reading indirect tweets…

1. Is this about me? 
You pretty much just quoted one of my own tweets, made fun of it and then put it up two seconds after my tweet, okay, this is definitely about me.

2. Do I care that this is about me?
Yes and no. Yes because I haven’t spoken to you in over a year so don’t understand why you have suddenly taken it upon yourself to bully me on social media, and no because the entertainment this is bringing me is irreplaceable.

3. I reeeeeally want to favourite this
A perfect response to an indirect, a simple favourite to let them know I’m loving the attention. Haterz r my motivatorz.

4. Stop clogging up my newsfeed
I come on Twitter for important news about the Kardashians and all of my celebrity boyfriends, I don’t have time for your non-favourited, non-retweeted and non-cared about bitching.

5. Everybody has an idea who this is about

Oh that was the point because you thought people would join in on the hate session and feel sorry for you because of your bullying skills? Ori hun I getcha now.

6. I wonder how long it will be until all my friends send me a screenshot of the tweet?
Three minutes, it took three minutes.

7.  Are you 13 again?
“Hate dis town cant trust no1 xx” “You okay hun? Mail me xx”

Dealz Make Up Gallery Review

So many of us spend loads of money on our faces, but sometimes we can’t afford to keep buying expensive make-up. I was shocked to hear that Dealz have a make-up range called Make Up Gallery and even more shocked to hear that everything still costs €1.49. For that price, how good could the make-up be? I was determined to get my hands on some products so made my way into town a few days ago and bought myself the foundation, concealer and pressed powder. This came to less than €4.50 altogether. Now, just think how much one of those products would cost anywhere else. Crazy!

The Gorgeous Flawless foundation surprised me the most. I bought it in 1 Ivory, the lightest shade. It had surprisingly good coverage, I have had a lot of breakouts around my mouth recently but as you can see in the picture below it covered the spots very well. Overall the shade is very light and natural, so you will need to go a shade up if you like having a noticeable make-up look. Personally, I love a subtly flawless complexion.

The Hide and Chic concealer came in sleek white packaging and I love the name. It is just as good as any other concealers I have had previously. Again, covering my spots.

I loved the Smoothly does it pressed powder. I never know what to look for when buying powder, but for only €1.49 I think this will be my new must have. I bought 2 Natural Beige, but I was torn between that and translucent. 
Overall, Dealz have a great make-up range going for them and there is not a cheaper one out there. I will definitely be buying more as I had my eye on a dark red lipstick so that will be my next purchase. I am so delighted about this. Eeeek, finally affordable make-up that is also reliable!

Penneys Are Ready To Go Bohemian, And So Am I!

For all fashion enthusiasts out there, the latest Penneys collection will allow you to indulge in the bohemian style that is set to take over wardrobes everywhere as we approach festival season. 
As always, Penneys will go easy on our bank accounts as we prepare to give our style a major fringe and tassel filled makeover.

Fringe jacket, €30. Fedora, €10. Jeans, €19.
It’s all about boho chic and I could not be anymore excited about Penneys Lost in Summer collection. This is a look I have always wanted to master and this summer will definitely be the time to do this.
Fringed Tunic Dress, €16. Fringe bag, €10. 
Ooooh, our Instagram selfies are going to look so cool and quirky! Fedora’s at the ready!
Cape blazer, €20. Fringe kimono, €18. Shorts, €13.

Five Penneys Essentials That Every Girl Needs

1. A packet of pearl earrings

You get six pairs in a packet for €1.50 and they will slowly become your new bestfriends. Cute and classy. 
2. A backcombing brush
Mine is pink, cost me €1.50 and is a handbag essential. Big hair, don’t care.
3. The thongs near the counter
The best impulse buy ever. They are all rolled up, lacey, available in various colours, one size fits all and the cheapest thongs ever. Just wait until they all get reduced to 50 cent and take full advantage…
4. Strap tops
“Oooh that’s a big Penneys bag, what did you buy?” “Oh you know, just seventeen strap tops.” 
5. A black clutch
Nothing overly fancy, just a classic black clutch that you can rely on to last every night out while matching with every outfit. Seven euro well spent.

Why I Think Taylor Swift Is An Ideal Role Model

Anybody who knows me knows how much I love Taylor Swift. I’m actually going to see her in concert soon thanks to my wonderful boyfriend! I recently read something about an interview she did with Elle and how she spoke about her song Clean off her album 1989. Now I know she often gets criticised for writing songs about her own experiences with love, but I actually admire her for that. There is no other girl out there that has the ability to cheer me up within a period of 3 minutes or so. As cheesy as it sounds, TayTay has got me through some very tough times.

Here is what Taylor had to say about heartbreak: “Shake It Off” and “Clean” were the last two things we wrote for the record, so it shows you where I ended up mentally. “Clean” I wrote as I was walking out of Liberty in London. Someone I used to date—it hit me that I’d been in the same city as him for two weeks and I hadn’t thought about it. When it did hit me, it was like, Oh, I hope he’s doing well. And nothing else. And you know how it is when you’re going through heartbreak. A heartbroken person is unlike any other person. Their time moves at a completely different pace than ours. It’s this mental, physical, emotional ache and feeling so conflicted. Nothing distracts you from it. Then time passes, and the more you live your life and create new habits, you get used to not having a text message every morning saying, “Hello, beautiful. Good morning.” You get used to not calling someone at night to tell them how your day was. You replace these old habits with new habits, like texting your friends in a group chat all day and planning fun dinner parties and going out on adventures with your girlfriends, and then all of a sudden one day you’re in London and you realize you’ve been in the same place as your ex for two weeks and you’re fine. And you hope he’s fine. The first thought that came to my mind was, I’m finally clean. I’d been in this media hailstorm of people having a very misconstrued perception of who I was. There were really insensitive jokes being made at awards shows by hosts; there were snarky headlines in the press—”Taylor Goes Through a Breakup: Well, That Was Swift!”—focusing on all the wrong things.”

I’m only young, I’m 19-years-old. That means I have faced all of the struggles and heartbreak that teenage girls go through. When people have bad things to say about Taylor Swift I actually get upset, not only because of how much she has achieved for a woman so young, but because these are her real life experiences that she has faced. Every song she writes has a story behind it, whether it’s when you’re sixteen crying in bed while your mum tries to comfort you, or when you walk down the street and bump into that one guy who shook up your world for such a long time and your stomach drops because he’s with a girl who isn’t you.

I can really relate to what Taylor is saying in this interview, learning to cope with the emotional ache of a broken heart where nobody can feel it but you. And while people to tell you to get over it, you can’t because it’s everything you want and you feel like it has all fallen apart.

I grew up with Taylor’s music, as her songs got more mature, I got more mature. She is no longer aiming specifically at a teenage generation because she is 25 now. Heartbreak doesn’t just stop when you leave school, it will always be an issue for people everywhere. Yes she has had many famous boyfriends, but how many of you would turn down a date with Harry Styles or Calvin Harris? Why should she be expected to stay with one of them forever if she isn’t happy? And why shouldn’t she have the right to use her own talent to describe these experiences?

All of her lyrics have such a strong hold on me because she is just so easy to relate to.When I’m feeling down, she is the first person I turn to. She has helped so many girls without even knowing us. I will always be grateful for the way she puts my feelings into music and makes me feel like I’m not the only one that is hurting.
She literally has a song for every moment and in various life situations I can immediately relate the moment to a certain song.

Yes, I may be devastated now, but look at Taylor Swift, she dealt with this too and here she is with eight Billboard Awards and Ed Sheeran as her partner in crime. Don’t break my heart, I will be able to overcome it and become a lot stronger.

“People haven’t always been there for me, but music always has.”- Taylor Swift.

My Newest Love: Tetley Super Green Tea

I’m a good old fashioned cup of tea addict, so would rarely opt for herbal tea. I usually find you can’t taste the flavour and think they can be quite bitter. However, I was curious about Tetley super green tea. Tetley has always been a favourite tea brand for me because it always reminds me of my nan and gramps house when I was growing up. So, it basically started my love of tea, and always made a great companion for ginger nut biscuits.

I tried the Super Green Boost and Immune teas in Berry Burst, Tropical, Lime and Lemon and Honey, and once again, Tetley didn’t disappoint. The immune ones support your immune system while the boost help reduce tiredness. Obviously, two very important factors in our everyday lives.

They were so easy to drink because of the delicious tastes and sweet smells and I will definitely start buying them regularly. Perhaps they will gradually replace normal tea in my life because they are no doubt healthier. My favourite flavours were Berry Burst and Tropical, while my sister loved the Lemon and Honey.

If you’re not a huge lover of herbal tea I would highly recommend giving these a try, you may just change your view.

Drinking a tropical one as I am typing this…omnomnom!

Rant Of The Week: Lacking Effort On Spontaneous Nights Out

I’m the type of girl that loves getting ready to go places. Some people say they can’t be bothered with the effort, but that is my favourite part. If I don’t spend at least four hours getting ready to go out, I may aswell not go. I’ve always been like this, if my outfit doesn’t match well then the world doesn’t get to see it.

However, some times my nights out are last minute ideas and I’m not at home to fire half a bottle of Cocoa Brown onto my legs or put on a bra that makes my boobs sit perfectly without drooping towards my toes. I basically head out white as a ghost with leg hair that hasn’t been tended to since my last night out four weeks previous.

These nights usually start with me saying “I look rotten” and my boyfriend saying “No you don’t, you look nice.” Well, if there is anything I learned from this it is that men are bloody liars.
Off I go with my tights, flats, strap top, stud earrings and hair thrown up into that kind of messy, homeless look as I prepare to surround myself with highly intoxicated barbie dolls.

The night starts in complete comfort as I stroll through town in my flats but the worst thing happens as I get to the door. I don’t get asked for ID. What? Hello? Are you really going to just let me walk in the door? Yes I’m 19, but I don’t usually look old going out, how ugly must I look right now? It’s because I’m not showing my legs isn’t it? I’m not like 43 with four kids you know, you can ask me for ID? All these thoughts rush through my head as I stumble through the door in a deeply unstable emotional state…

Then as if the night couldn’t get any worse, it does. You look around at all the perfectly smooth legs (that are at about eye level because everybody is towering over you in massive high heels) and inhale the stink of various brands of tan that are surrounding you. WHY DIDN’T I JUST MAKE AN EFFORT? At this stage I’m feeling like first year me all over again, a little unattractive and insecure about myself while desperate for the ground to swallow me up.

The only happiness I feel is the end of the night when I have the ability to skip to McDonalds for my chicken nuggets in my flats while every other girl has never been closer to death.

Note to self: Always make an effort going out. Always. Razors and straighteners are your friends, tights and extra layers for warmth are not.

Rant Of The Week: The Truth About The Girl’s Bathrooms On Nights Out

Every girl knows the struggle of the bathroom on a night out. They are places of friendship making, emotional breakdowns and very often impatient people knocking on the door while you are trying to pee.

Men always wonder why we go to the bathroom in pairs and I must say, this is because they do not realise the dangers we could face at the other side of that door. And we probably need to borrow our friends concealer while she is having a right bitch about bumping into her ex best friend.

I don’t know what it is about these bathrooms but we seem to think there is an enchanted barrier around the cubicle which stops our voices from going outside of it. I’ll confess my love for a well known guy in town while ten other girls are waiting behind the few inches thick door, one of them being his ex girlfriend…be graaaand.

There really is nothing worse than drunk people shouting at you to hurry up while you’re going to the toilet. Girl, you think you’ve got problems, I just saw the future father of my children getting off with another girl in front of me because he doesn’t know I exist, please let me pee and contemplate my next step in life. These steps are usually wobbly ones in the direction of McDonalds.

Bathroom selfies usually show how much you have deteriorated over the course of the night. How did my eyeliner get on my chin? Were my fake eyelashes always upside down? Nevertheless, we take them anyway thinking we’re utterly fab and then spend the next two days clicking untag on Facebook #NipSlip.

So yes, we do go the toilet as an army and often come out with an even bigger crew because we become best friends with fellow weeping women who let us borrow a hair bobble and a few clips. However, you can’t always be sure these women are present and could also meet 16-year-olds who think you’re staring at them and are ready to take you out.

It’s a big bad world behind that door, one that men will never know…

You Know You Need To Start Keeping Up With Your Own Life When You’re Dreaming About The Kardashians

Lads, I don’t know about you but the Kardashian/Jenner clan are starting to take over my life. To be honest, at first I didn’t really like Kim, but now if someone says something bad about her I jump in to defend her. SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW I EXIST.

Everyone knows Kylie is my favourite, I even have teal hair at the moment. I pay more attention to Kylie’s life than mine. I apologise to all of my friends if you feel replaced, but she’s just so cool. The other day I woke up at 4am sleep talking about meeting up with her…is that even healthy? Do I need help? I NEED to click on every Kylie story and I can’t get my head around the fact that she is younger than me. Wow, have I been living my life wrong or what? She is by far the coolest family member. Even that Snapchat story of her eating the fried chicken. That chicken is dead and doesn’t have any idea how heroic he ended up to be. Luckiest chicken ever.

Kendall is also one that grabs my attention, I feel she’s a lot more simple and subtle than Kylie but still SO HOT. Like seriously, the face of Estee Lauder at age 19 and I can’t even afford any Estee Lauder products. Life is grim, eh?

Today I went for a nap and woke up very confused by ANOTHER Kardashian dream.

I can’t keep up with my own family but I can tell you where my main gals went for lunch yesterday and probs what they ordered.

My life is slowly passing me by as I focus on theirs, I need a good slap.