Nobody let me loose in Dublin ever again #broke

I’ve been in Dublin for a good while now and still hadn’t treated myself to a mini shopping spree, so decided to do that today. I couldn’t buy everything, unfortunately, but I am loving the things I did buy and am going to share them with you.

My boyfriends birthday is coming up and I have a dress from Boohoo on the way. In the clearance (which is really good by the way you should definitely check it out!) I saw a gorgeous pair of pink snake print sandals which I fell in love with. As you can imagine, for only €19 I was sickened that they weren’t available in my size. Luckily in life, fate always finds a way and today in Penneys I spotted ones that were practically identical and I had the chance to try them on. I’m usually a size 3, but the 4 were much comfier. Look how similar they are and the Penney’s ones were only one euro cheaper.

To match the snake print on the shoes, I bought myself a Penneys clutch for €8 . My dress is black so I think the colour is okay because I’ll just load on the good old pink lippie! 

My insane bargain buy of the day was this cute little fluffy H&M cardigan (I love fluffy things!) which was down from €30 to €5!! I could not leave it there for that price, that would have been a crime…

My favourite thing I bought actually turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever bought in all of my 19 years on Earth. I saw it on an English Instagram account a few weeks back. A girl who had bought it in Primark and ever since then I searched every Penneys I visited high and low but had absolutely no luck until today. I saw a super cute flounder top but put it back as soon as I saw this one.This top is just me. My life in a top. Dream. Can’t even. There are no words.

To conclude, here are a few bits and pieces I saw around that are on my list to buy next time..ranging from barbie to mermaid shoes! All you need in life. Spotted in River Island, Penneys, and H&M. 

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