My Newest Love: Tetley Super Green Tea

I’m a good old fashioned cup of tea addict, so would rarely opt for herbal tea. I usually find you can’t taste the flavour and think they can be quite bitter. However, I was curious about Tetley super green tea. Tetley has always been a favourite tea brand for me because it always reminds me of my nan and gramps house when I was growing up. So, it basically started my love of tea, and always made a great companion for ginger nut biscuits.

I tried the Super Green Boost and Immune teas in Berry Burst, Tropical, Lime and Lemon and Honey, and once again, Tetley didn’t disappoint. The immune ones support your immune system while the boost help reduce tiredness. Obviously, two very important factors in our everyday lives.

They were so easy to drink because of the delicious tastes and sweet smells and I will definitely start buying them regularly. Perhaps they will gradually replace normal tea in my life because they are no doubt healthier. My favourite flavours were Berry Burst and Tropical, while my sister loved the Lemon and Honey.

If you’re not a huge lover of herbal tea I would highly recommend giving these a try, you may just change your view.

Drinking a tropical one as I am typing this…omnomnom!

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