Dealz Make Up Gallery Review

So many of us spend loads of money on our faces, but sometimes we can’t afford to keep buying expensive make-up. I was shocked to hear that Dealz have a make-up range called Make Up Gallery and even more shocked to hear that everything still costs €1.49. For that price, how good could the make-up be? I was determined to get my hands on some products so made my way into town a few days ago and bought myself the foundation, concealer and pressed powder. This came to less than €4.50 altogether. Now, just think how much one of those products would cost anywhere else. Crazy!

The Gorgeous Flawless foundation surprised me the most. I bought it in 1 Ivory, the lightest shade. It had surprisingly good coverage, I have had a lot of breakouts around my mouth recently but as you can see in the picture below it covered the spots very well. Overall the shade is very light and natural, so you will need to go a shade up if you like having a noticeable make-up look. Personally, I love a subtly flawless complexion.

The Hide and Chic concealer came in sleek white packaging and I love the name. It is just as good as any other concealers I have had previously. Again, covering my spots.

I loved the Smoothly does it pressed powder. I never know what to look for when buying powder, but for only €1.49 I think this will be my new must have. I bought 2 Natural Beige, but I was torn between that and translucent. 
Overall, Dealz have a great make-up range going for them and there is not a cheaper one out there. I will definitely be buying more as I had my eye on a dark red lipstick so that will be my next purchase. I am so delighted about this. Eeeek, finally affordable make-up that is also reliable!

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