Five Penneys Essentials That Every Girl Needs

1. A packet of pearl earrings

You get six pairs in a packet for €1.50 and they will slowly become your new bestfriends. Cute and classy. 
2. A backcombing brush
Mine is pink, cost me €1.50 and is a handbag essential. Big hair, don’t care.
3. The thongs near the counter
The best impulse buy ever. They are all rolled up, lacey, available in various colours, one size fits all and the cheapest thongs ever. Just wait until they all get reduced to 50 cent and take full advantage…
4. Strap tops
“Oooh that’s a big Penneys bag, what did you buy?” “Oh you know, just seventeen strap tops.” 
5. A black clutch
Nothing overly fancy, just a classic black clutch that you can rely on to last every night out while matching with every outfit. Seven euro well spent.

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