Common Mistakes All Girls Make Before Nights Out

There are some common mistakes all girls make before heading out (well at least I hope so and this isn’t just me because if so that is EXTREMELY unforch). I do hope you can all relate, and if not then please just pretend you never read this…thanks huns xo

1. Not shaving our legs 

When laziness gets the better of you and you see bae…”Let’s hope he shifts me while we’re standing up, please don’t touch my legs, please don’t touch my legs.” 
2. Snapchat stories
Letting your stalker and that shift you highly regret know that you are going out, they weren’t planning on going out, but they bloody are now…

3. Wearing the wrong underwear
“I should have worn a thong, you can see my knicker line.”
“I should not have worn a thong this dress is completely see through.”
Them struggles.

4. Heels
You don’t need time to get used to them, you can’t get used to blisters and squashed toes, yes they’re pretty but they don’t fit you, so many regrets at 2am with your disgusting little toe struggling to stay in the shoe…dear god it’s alive…

5. Not wearing a jacket and then another girl gets his jacket 
I had my flabby arms on display all night for nothing. She doesn’t even deserve his jacket, somebody throw an invisibilty cloak over that girl and off to Maccy D’s we go without her. And no, I don’t want his creepy best friends jacket, I’m only cold if it’s his jacket okaaaay…

6. Rushing your pre night out selfie
So it’s the next day and you want to show everyone how great you looked, but not even Valencia can save you this time…

What is life…

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