Behind The Face Of The Fox Files. 7 Facts About Me!

The 7 facts about me trend is all over Facebook at the moment so I decided to become a part of it. I decided to put it up on my blog instead because I’d love all of you to get to know me a bit more, especially my new readers 🙂

1) I am the biggest girly girl ever! I’d be lost without everything pink and Disney princess related! I’m quite surprised I don’t sweat glitter…

2) I am so loud. I find it impossible to whisper and walk like an elephant which may explain why some of my friends called me Fenelephant (at least I hope so anyway!)

3) I am such an emotional person. I cry about everything and I’m not ashamed of my sensitive side 🙂 Proud founder of the phrase “Why are my eyes watering?”

4) I am a tea-aholic! This is why my blogs profile logo includes a Fox in a tea cup. I also hate small mugs, I need proper cups of tea! Unfortunately my bladder has been affected by my constant tea drinking and I need to pee every twenty minutes…

5) Penneys is my second home. You will never see me come out of that shop empty handed! You all know that I loooove fashion so a trip to Penneys is my fashion fix and the best therapy for me!

6) My hair hasn’t been it’s natural colour since I was about five. Okay, that was a slight exaggeration, but it’s definitely been a while! I’m not afraid to experiment with my hair I love constantly changing it. I love changing it even more when something changes in my life or I want a fresh start. New hair, new Fe!

7) Blogging is my passion. I was always unsure of what I wanted to do but knew my greatest strengths were fashion, writing and gossiping! I decided to start The Fox Files and it turned out to be the best thing I ever did! My dream is to turn my blog into a full time career 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed these 7 facts about me! There were too many things to write but these definitely sum me up as a person 🙂

Fe xx

“Will You Add The Girl He’s Shifting So I Can Sign In As You And Creep On Her Please?”

As much as I would like to say it’s not true and that I grew out of this belief when I was twelve, I can’t. It is a truth universally acknowledged that Social Media turns girls crazy. Yes, I did just steal part of the opening line from Pride and Prejudice, but I feel like Jane Austen would relate to this blog if she was a victim of the Selfies and Facebook creeping phase. I may only be speaking for myself during this post, but if you all deny it I know you’re lying because my friends are just as crazy as I am…

We Do Creep 
Whether she’s your ex girlfriend, a girl you were shifting for a week, or your cousin who was mistaken for a girl that’s obsessed with you because she keeps liking your Instagram photos. We creep. Yes, we will regret it later on when we make some shocking discoveries, but we still do it. You may think us creeping on her is impossible because her page is on private, but never fear, chances are one of our friends has already added her for us to satisfy our crazy creeping needs. Lads, you’ve all been warned…

Likes Are Important
Liking an ex girlfriends/lovers selfie is basically like hitting us in the face with a shovel. Would you return to a tornado after finally escaping its wrath? Didn’t think so. Of course this is great for the ex girlfriends own ego because her ex boyfriend still finds her hot even when he has a new girlfriend. Would you approach her in person and say “I know my girlfriend can see me doing this and you’re my ex but I like that dress on you”? I bloody hope not, but if so, please pass me that shovel…

Insignificant Ex- 1
Current Girlfriend- 0
Your Relationship- -1

My Own Selfies
Well you’re obviously going to be liking those. I’m fabulous.

Snapchat Problems
Best friend’s no longer exist on Snapchat, what were they thinking?
“You will never guess who’s shifting…” “How do you know?” “She’s in his best friends on Snapchat.”
How will we keep up to date on everybody’s love lives now? Such a lucky escape for so many people…

That’s enough craziness being shared for one day. Just me who can relate? Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Rant Of The Week: Only Girl In The World? We’ll See About That…

The past week or so I have fallen into a deep state of emotional instability due to the love of my life and future father of my children deciding to choose another girl over me, this girl being the one and only Rihanna. Sure, she may be more popular, better looking and closer to his age, but that’s not the point. Ridiculously beautiful with no flaws, how original, Leo.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been the man of my dreams since the first time I ever watched Titanic. He has been playing hard to get ever since, too cute. I am in fact obsessed with that movie and Jack Dawson’s face. Do you realise how heartbreaking it was for me to learn that he was seen kissing one of the worlds hottest and most famous artists of our generation? I would have gladly kissed him but I wasn’t invited to that party in the Playboy Mansion (how unfortunate since I would usually be top of the celeb guest list). Rihanna swooped in there first and apparently he likes her or something? What’s that about? She’s also said he’s the best she’s ever had. Ah here RiRi, keep it to yourself? We all saw the famous Titanic car scene, no need to rub it in our faces even further.

I can hear something, I think it might be the sound of my hopes and dreams shattering…or my boyfriends tone of disapproval as I’m writing this…

Anyway, better go cry and find a place on my bedroom wall for the picture below!

Fe xx

Rant Of The Week: Men Are Not All The Same

This is a topic that really winds me up. I admit that I am the first to jokingly say “Men are all the same” but I mean in terms of playing FIFA and when I have had my heartbroken. In reality, this is not true. Ladies, I am here to tell you that men are not all the same! Sure they don’t all ride in on white horses or save you from a tower guarded by a dragon, but I can assure you, many of them would if they were faced with the situation. I don’t think it’s fair to throw all men into a category of being creepy or even just mean. All of us women are angels, are we? Of course we’re bloody not! Wheres the equality people? That’s just life. You meet mean boys and you meet mean girls. You meet boys who could take advantage of you and you meet girls who could take advantage of you. This is not a one sided issue. I know plenty of men who would go to the ends of the earth to protect a woman if she was faced with any sort of harm, one of these being my sixteen year old brother. I admire his natural protective instinct and believe that this instinct is in the majority of men. Of course you meet a minority of men who will try to take advantage of you when you’re out and about, but I can guarantee that there is an even bigger queue of men behind them willing to take them out and defend you if necessary. Chivalry is not dead, and my own father is proof of this. He met my mum on a night out, was she traumatised by this? Well I’m guessing not since twenty two years down the line they’re married with three children! It all depends on the individual, not the gender. I have plenty of hope for men. My own boyfriend was protecting me a few nights ago when a random man was trying to grab me. That mans actions are the minority, my boyfriends actions are the majority.
To conclude, don’t lose hope in men. I hope this has highlighted something which I think needed to be addressed. Prince Charming’s are everywhere, you just need to be more open minded while searching for him!

Essence- Like An Unforgettable Kiss Lip Smoother And Lipstick Review

I went into Penneys today to have a look at the Essence “like an unforgettable kiss” trend edition. I bought myself the 01 Keep Calm And Kiss Me Lip Smoother and the 02 Pink Me Lipstick.

I love everything in the range, such a cute and girly feel to it. I chose the lip products because I love buying lipsticks, you can never have too many! I chose the pink because it’s my favourite colour but there was also an apricot colour and a red which were lovely! I started by applying the lipstick and then put the lip smoother on top to give it a glossy look. It’s a natural daytime finish, perfect for everyday use! It also doesn’t dry out your lips which I find can be an issue for me with some lipsticks. 
I will definitely be heading back in soon to pick up the blusher and brush before mid February! The romantic theme has got me all excited for Valentines day, anybody doing anything nice?

Fe xx 

Throwback Thursday: The Revival Of The Fashion Of Five Year Old Fe

We all remember a time back in the day when our fashion sense consisted of chokers, horrendous velvet tracksuits, and a fab bandana that you got free with the S Club 7 magazine while listening to Oops I Did It Again . Well luckily for us, these trends are making a major comeback. What I mean is the revival of the choker, velvet and my love of faux fur. Thankfully, this time around the velvet is a little more stylish and there won’t be any desire to burn the photographs later down the line! (we hope)

I am LOVING these trends!

Chokers add a quirky edge to any outfit and there are so many types to choose from. I was a huge fan of them back in the day and could not be happier that they have made a comeback 🙂 I wear mine most days. I have seen them in River Island and Penneys but I’m sure they are in most shops now.

Velvet is one of those things that sounds like it could be a bit of a dodgy fashion trend if you think of it being in the form of a playboy tracksuit, but personally, I think velvet is absolutely gorgeous these days! I was desperately searching for a velvet dress and ended up falling in love with a Boohoo one which I did end up buying. I also saw lovely ones on Missguided. It was such a flattering material because it’s not too thin and it looks so classy. My wardrobe will definitely be filling up with velvet throughout 2015 and I cannot wait!

Faux Fur is one of those things that I think has always been around but lately I have fallen in love with it all over again. I was always a fan of it but lately I feel much more confident wearing it. The jacket below is from Penneys and I got it on sale for fifteen euro, although it was only thirty euro to begin with 🙂

Get shopping girls! 🙂
Fe xx 

Rant Of The Week- “Ed Sheeran Isn’t Sexy” Um I’m Sorry, What??

What is sexy? Sexy is defined as 1) Sexually attractive and 2) Very exciting or appealing. I have heard so many people say that Ed Sheeran is not sexy, and I have to say, I could not disagree more. Ed Sheeran is easily the sexiest man in the music industry at the moment. He just does it in a less obvious way. He is every girls dream guy, so down to earth and you just know he would never break your heart (lets hope not anyway, I’d be devo). He is completely ordinary, that’s what I love about him. He was an ordinary guy with a dream who worked hard and achieved that dream without getting caught up in materialistic things and greed of the limelight. Ed seems like a genuinely lovely person who is in the business for his fans and for his love of music. What’s not sexy about that? You cannot honestly tell me that you would prefer a boyfriend who gets his er, manly parts photoshopped to look more impressive for a Calvin Klein ad? Not that I’m talking about anyone in particular here…

I haven’t read one complaint about Ed being ignorant. There is nothing sexier than a man with a good personality, and lets face it, we all saw a different side to him in the video for Thinking Out Loud. Daaaamn! If you guys don’t want him, I’ll gladly claim him as my own! 
Is Ed Sheeran boyfriend material? Nah, he’s husband material! 

“Sorry Dad I’m Afraid I Can’t Do The Washing Up, I’m Waiting For My Tan To Dry”

I love going out! Sure I love the odd Saturday night in, but nothing beats that feeling of freezing legs while struggling to walk to Maccy D’s in heels that are either way too big or too small for you but they match your dress so you wore them anyway. I always need at least four hours to get ready though so my problems start early in the afternoon…

The Eyelash Scenario
You know that moment after you’ve spent forty minutes trying to get the corner of your fake eyelashes to stay on so you eventually give up and the only people left to blame are that guy who messed you around a year ago, his new girlfriend, the shop who sold the eyelashes and your pet goldfish? I know the feeling…

The Winged Eyeliner
Yes, I am aware that I’m three hours late. Just don’t talk to me.

Putting In Hairspray And Then Realising You Don’t Want Your Hair That Way Anymore
You’ve committed to it now. Brushing it out just won’t help and you know you either have to leave your hair the way you already have it or face looking like a scarecrow for the night. I usually freak out and cry…an understandable reaction…

The Invisible Thigh Shield
You’ve put valuable time into making sure your legs are silky smooth for the occasion but suddenly the back of your thighs decide to build an invisible barrier and the hair just will not budge. Does this only happen to me? Don’t touch the back of my legs that’s all I’m saying…

The Rag Doll Blusher

After a layer of primer, moisturiser, four layers of foundation, contouring, concealer and bronzer you look at your face in the light and you realise maybe you went slightly over the top with the blusher…

Totes Can’t Beliebe It

Ah now, I think its about time that some of the Beliebers relaxed a little. I read somewhere today that model Lara Stone has received death threats for being in the Calvin Klein shoot with Justin Bieber. That’s a bit much, isn’t it? Yes, I am well aware that Justin is looking quite fine and I would not complain if they had approached me and asked me to be in it, buuuut, they didn’t. They asked Lara Stone. Why you may ask? Well it could be something to do with the fact that it’s her job and it’s what she does for a living, but hey, I’m no expert…

Can we all take a moment to think of poor Selena Gomez here? I have no idea whats going on with them, if they’re back together, not together, or dating other people but if anyone has a valid reason to be jealous its probably her, and do you see her sending death threats? No. Neither do I. Pull yourself together girls. Play it cool…

Penneys Best! P.S Love Gel Eyeliner Review

Is it just me who is absolutely bloody useless at putting on eyeliner? I love the look of it so much but when I attempt to do it myself disaster strikes. I try to do it very dramatic to be all mysterious and what not but one side ends up perfect and the other side turns into a big blob that looks like it has just been placed randomly on my face. This usually results in me getting frustrated, taking if off and putting it back on numerous times, wiping off all the foundation around my eyes in the process, and then asking my sister to do it for me, or giving up completely. Okay, so maybe it is just me…

Either way, if you’re looking for a completely affordable, easy to use eyeliner I would highly recommend the P.S Love gel eyeliner from Penneys/Primark. I got a pot for Christmas and was like oh god here we go with the eyeliner fun…but luckily, I was greatly mistaken! It went on so easily and stays on really well! The brush is hidden in the lid and is very fine meaning that it can be applied so nicely. The gel is in the pot at the bottom. I will definitely be back into Penneys to buy another one as soon as this one runs out because now that I have slightly mastered the skill of gel eyeliner, I can use it everyday! It was also less than a fiver so you really can’t go wrong 🙂

I haven’t stopped using it since Christmas Day!