Rant Of The Week: Only Girl In The World? We’ll See About That…

The past week or so I have fallen into a deep state of emotional instability due to the love of my life and future father of my children deciding to choose another girl over me, this girl being the one and only Rihanna. Sure, she may be more popular, better looking and closer to his age, but that’s not the point. Ridiculously beautiful with no flaws, how original, Leo.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been the man of my dreams since the first time I ever watched Titanic. He has been playing hard to get ever since, too cute. I am in fact obsessed with that movie and Jack Dawson’s face. Do you realise how heartbreaking it was for me to learn that he was seen kissing one of the worlds hottest and most famous artists of our generation? I would have gladly kissed him but I wasn’t invited to that party in the Playboy Mansion (how unfortunate since I would usually be top of the celeb guest list). Rihanna swooped in there first and apparently he likes her or something? What’s that about? She’s also said he’s the best she’s ever had. Ah here RiRi, keep it to yourself? We all saw the famous Titanic car scene, no need to rub it in our faces even further.

I can hear something, I think it might be the sound of my hopes and dreams shattering…or my boyfriends tone of disapproval as I’m writing this…

Anyway, better go cry and find a place on my bedroom wall for the picture below!

Fe xx

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