“Sorry Dad I’m Afraid I Can’t Do The Washing Up, I’m Waiting For My Tan To Dry”

I love going out! Sure I love the odd Saturday night in, but nothing beats that feeling of freezing legs while struggling to walk to Maccy D’s in heels that are either way too big or too small for you but they match your dress so you wore them anyway. I always need at least four hours to get ready though so my problems start early in the afternoon…

The Eyelash Scenario
You know that moment after you’ve spent forty minutes trying to get the corner of your fake eyelashes to stay on so you eventually give up and the only people left to blame are that guy who messed you around a year ago, his new girlfriend, the shop who sold the eyelashes and your pet goldfish? I know the feeling…

The Winged Eyeliner
Yes, I am aware that I’m three hours late. Just don’t talk to me.

Putting In Hairspray And Then Realising You Don’t Want Your Hair That Way Anymore
You’ve committed to it now. Brushing it out just won’t help and you know you either have to leave your hair the way you already have it or face looking like a scarecrow for the night. I usually freak out and cry…an understandable reaction…

The Invisible Thigh Shield
You’ve put valuable time into making sure your legs are silky smooth for the occasion but suddenly the back of your thighs decide to build an invisible barrier and the hair just will not budge. Does this only happen to me? Don’t touch the back of my legs that’s all I’m saying…

The Rag Doll Blusher

After a layer of primer, moisturiser, four layers of foundation, contouring, concealer and bronzer you look at your face in the light and you realise maybe you went slightly over the top with the blusher…

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