My Thoughts On Reaching Nineteen And Following My Dreams. Happy Birthday To Meee!

Soooo I’m turning 19 tomorrow and I am not happy for a number of reasons. Firstly, I would never in a million years leave the tv or radio volume on such an odd, horrid number so how will I cope with having this number engraved into my soul for a whole 365 days? Secondly, I’m gonna be like old? I haven’t even gotten hot yet. Puberty did me no favours. What age do your boobs stop growing? Do I still have time left to get any taller?

My life up until this point has been pretty good. The past eighteen years past me by and I made it out the other side alive and stronger than ever. Sure I had a few morto moments, bad decisions and shifts that I regret thrown in there but I’m alright now. Having said that, it could have gone a lot more smoothly if I had been hidden away in a tower from men and alcohol up until this point, but sure that’s life!

I didn’t get the chance to write a cheesy New Years post so I’m going to combine it with this one. The past year has been a very important one for me. It has been quite difficult at times but I am so grateful for all the things that it has taught me. I got together with my boyfriend, did the Leaving Cert, got a Christmas job and realised that blogging is what I want to do in life. Of course my blogging dream was met by a few sarcastic remarks and people thinking that it was a silly idea. One girl even told me that my desire to write for a living was “cute”. Being told that your passion in life is cute isn’t exactly a great motivation. Nevertheless, I am so glad that I didn’t choose to go to college this year. Deep down I knew it didn’t feel right and it wasn’t for me at this time in my life. Perhaps it will be next year, or a few years down the line, or perhaps never, but I need to go with my gut feeling. I try my best not to let the negativity of other people put me down because I know that this is the path that I want to follow. My family, friends and boyfriend have also been a huge help by supporting me in this decision and encouraging me to follow my dreams. Thank you so much to all of you who have read my blog, watched my videos or hopefully been made smile for any reason by The Fox Files! Please continue to do so, I am thrilled to know people actually take the time to look at my blog and I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Hopefully this coming year will be just as exciting, if not even more exciting! We will just have to wait and see 🙂

Fe xx

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