Rant Of The Week- “Ed Sheeran Isn’t Sexy” Um I’m Sorry, What??

What is sexy? Sexy is defined as 1) Sexually attractive and 2) Very exciting or appealing. I have heard so many people say that Ed Sheeran is not sexy, and I have to say, I could not disagree more. Ed Sheeran is easily the sexiest man in the music industry at the moment. He just does it in a less obvious way. He is every girls dream guy, so down to earth and you just know he would never break your heart (lets hope not anyway, I’d be devo). He is completely ordinary, that’s what I love about him. He was an ordinary guy with a dream who worked hard and achieved that dream without getting caught up in materialistic things and greed of the limelight. Ed seems like a genuinely lovely person who is in the business for his fans and for his love of music. What’s not sexy about that? You cannot honestly tell me that you would prefer a boyfriend who gets his er, manly parts photoshopped to look more impressive for a Calvin Klein ad? Not that I’m talking about anyone in particular here…

I haven’t read one complaint about Ed being ignorant. There is nothing sexier than a man with a good personality, and lets face it, we all saw a different side to him in the video for Thinking Out Loud. Daaaamn! If you guys don’t want him, I’ll gladly claim him as my own! 
Is Ed Sheeran boyfriend material? Nah, he’s husband material! 

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