Penneys Best! P.S Love Gel Eyeliner Review

Is it just me who is absolutely bloody useless at putting on eyeliner? I love the look of it so much but when I attempt to do it myself disaster strikes. I try to do it very dramatic to be all mysterious and what not but one side ends up perfect and the other side turns into a big blob that looks like it has just been placed randomly on my face. This usually results in me getting frustrated, taking if off and putting it back on numerous times, wiping off all the foundation around my eyes in the process, and then asking my sister to do it for me, or giving up completely. Okay, so maybe it is just me…

Either way, if you’re looking for a completely affordable, easy to use eyeliner I would highly recommend the P.S Love gel eyeliner from Penneys/Primark. I got a pot for Christmas and was like oh god here we go with the eyeliner fun…but luckily, I was greatly mistaken! It went on so easily and stays on really well! The brush is hidden in the lid and is very fine meaning that it can be applied so nicely. The gel is in the pot at the bottom. I will definitely be back into Penneys to buy another one as soon as this one runs out because now that I have slightly mastered the skill of gel eyeliner, I can use it everyday! It was also less than a fiver so you really can’t go wrong 🙂

I haven’t stopped using it since Christmas Day!

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