Totes Can’t Beliebe It

Ah now, I think its about time that some of the Beliebers relaxed a little. I read somewhere today that model Lara Stone has received death threats for being in the Calvin Klein shoot with Justin Bieber. That’s a bit much, isn’t it? Yes, I am well aware that Justin is looking quite fine and I would not complain if they had approached me and asked me to be in it, buuuut, they didn’t. They asked Lara Stone. Why you may ask? Well it could be something to do with the fact that it’s her job and it’s what she does for a living, but hey, I’m no expert…

Can we all take a moment to think of poor Selena Gomez here? I have no idea whats going on with them, if they’re back together, not together, or dating other people but if anyone has a valid reason to be jealous its probably her, and do you see her sending death threats? No. Neither do I. Pull yourself together girls. Play it cool…

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