How To Cope With Stress

As this has been the most stressful year of my life so far (apart from the year I got told my Hogwarts letter was fake obvs), I think it is important to share my ways of coping with stress (and I was in the mood to write a blog). Yes, there are many worries in my life this year…What do I want to study in college? Where do I want to go to college? Did I remember to pluck my eyebrows before leaving the house? etc, etc. However, I do like staying calm about my school work. When people ask me ‘Did you study for this test?’, Well why does it matter if I studied or not? This isn’t going to affect your knowledge, so why bother asking? An easy way to escape this question is by simply saying ‘A bit yeah’ this can translate to ‘I spent all weekend studying and didn’t sleep’, or in my case ‘I spent more time studying how long it takes me to eat a huge bag of cheese puffs all by myself’. I try my best to stay calm about exams by telling people they don’t matter that much and I genuinely believe this is true, I’d much rather have my health than 600 points in the Leaving Cert! And who cares if I focus on boys more than books? Books aren’t gonna cuddle me and make me laugh…like neither are the majority of boys, but I still live in hope! Of course this is all easier said than done and sure I may have the occasional emotional breakdown after every failed maths test, but lets face it, we all get over these moments when we find a dairy milk in the fridge or realise dad has the kettle on! The exams will soon be over and you will be back at home again, on the couch relaxing just as you are every evening! I have had some people tell me I’m bubbly all the time, this surprised me because I would have considered myself to be your average hormonal teenage girl, but at the end of the day, why wouldn’t I be bubbly? If people knock you down, get back up, and if people don’t like you then why bother worrying about them? If you spend your days getting yourself worked up over other people’s opinions of you then you’re always going to be stressed! Life isn’t meant to be stressful, we’re all just passing through. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate!

I Hate 6th Year.

After a long and amazing summer of eating and sleeping 24/7, I have been hit hard by the reality that is dun dun duuun…6TH YEAR! Not only did I spend about half an hour looking for my tie on the first day back, I also realised that I look extremely manly when I don’t have makeup on? No one thought to let me know that then no? Like seriously if I was trying to scare off any stalkers (not that I am because the only thing attracted to me lately is wasps) I could easily be like ‘Meet me after school’. They would run a mile the second they realise what I actually look like. So if that wasn’t bad enough, our principal went on a huge rant about studying and exams. Where is my life going? All I want is to be a wag but instead I am being forced to go to school everyday and study for exams that won’t even help me enter the wag life, all I need is a decent footballer who hasn’t seen me without makeup on and doesn’t know what my true personality is like, is that really too much to ask for? I’ve only been back a week and I’m already considering making a quick escape out the window in Irish class or hiding in the vending machine so I won’t have to go to maths! Not too sure whether I’ll make it through the whole year, but if I do I can promise red and green hair at some point to stir a little bit of trouble before I head into wagdom! #LoretoLife

Reasons Why Girls Annoy Me Sometimes

Yes, I am very much aware that I am a girl, however, that does not mean the rest of them don’t annoy me! I really do prefer men even though I always say ‘I hate men’. I don’t really, I’m just a bit dramatic! First of all I just have to talk about something that really gets to me. THE HUGE EYEBROW TREND. Why, just why? Are they supposed to look natural? I just don’t get it, I think its pretty frightening!  My eyebrows are naturally big and after years of people being like ‘You have really big eyebrows’ I finally get them all nicely shaped and stuff and then caterpillar eyebrows come into fashion? Ugh. Don’t even get me started on foundation on your lips, you just look creepy. Also, when did pictures of girls on the toilet become a cool thing to do? It’s not funny, it just ruins your whole classy image that you may have been going for that night. Fair enough I pee with my friends on nights out but we don’t all sit there taking Summer selfies. Yes, I’m sure the guy you like will see that picture in their newsfeed and be like ‘Aw she looks so hot on the toilet, I’d say shes a right laugh, I must try and shift her now on the next night out!’ And well if he does say that, what kind of guy are you going for??? I know not all girls are like this and that’s fine if you are, it’s just not particularly attractive in my opinion (neither are croc’s but that’s another story). My next point is about something that Amy Farrell always says ‘She just has it!’ So you may now be wondering, what is ‘it’? In Amy’s head ‘it’ is skinny, long hair, long legs and those really obvious outfits that everybody has (no offence). Amy is entitled to her opinion just like everybody else but in my head I ask WHERE’S THE ORIGINALITY PEOPLE? In my mind ‘it’ is whatever you want it to be. This may be turning into a slight jealousy rant about how hot girls annoy me because I’m really bitter since I cut my hair and I ate a big bag of sensations today by myself…but that is not the point…YOU SHOULD LOVE ME JELLY BELLY AND ALL <3

If I Had a World Of My Own, Everything Would Be Nonsense :)

As a 17 year old girl looking around my room, I immediately notice my Flounder teddy, Princess figurines and Bambi hoody that I am currently wearing. Yes, you may say that I am obsessed with Disney and a little immature, but without it, where would we be? Not only did it give me great hope for friendship as Snow White was super popular and suddenly gained like 7 friends within a day but it also made people realise how unlikely relationships can easily form, I mean look at Ariel, she was friends with a fish? No matter how cheesy it may sound, I am still waiting for that day where a handsome prince meets me in the woods and instantly falls in love with me (Just praying I have make up on and my bum looks good that day). Even though the Disney princes are charming and seem like the perfect guys, I am still relying on Peter Pan to appear outside my window. Just me who thinks he’s got that sexy, edgy thing about him? Like he’s not that obvious nice, almost as if he’s playing hard to get with Wendy, but his best friend is madly in love with him and sadly, he just can’t see it. This is ridiculous really because who wouldn’t be attracted to a fairy who has that much attitude and such a hot figure? I honestly blame Peter Pan for my taste in men. Luckily, Tinker Bell made me want to be much more independent, as did Mulan. Yeah screw all you people, I can wear a fairy costume while being really moody or join the Chinese Army for the laugh, who’s gonna stop me? Who needs the Leaving Cert when you can find yourself a man with a Genie friend and a magic carpet, or a beast who lives in a huge castle in the woods? I even have a Snow White dress in my wardrobe! #noregrets Now please excuse me while I go and put it on…

I Hate People. #TownProblems

According to Wikipedia, the population of the World today is 7.1 Billion. I can honestly say about 98% of this number annoy me. There are many reasons for this, mainly because I’m over dramatic and complain too much, but I shall continue to rant about these little things anyway. Firstly, why do women feel the need to bring prams into Penney’s and River Island? (especially during sales) Look lady if you want to enjoy the sale like everybody else then remove your little darling from the pram and carry it instead of causing traffic jams while I’m bargain hunting. The worst part about it is the women who give you death glares when you can’t get past them, um hello I’m not the one who brought a mini vehicle into the shop? This brings me onto my second point about people who walk reeeally slowly in town while taking up the entire pavement…GET OUT OF MY WAY. I just cannot go into town anymore without a tiny bit of anger building up inside of me, maybe I’m just an angry person? Earlier on I mentioned River Island, so another point on this subject is the amount of beautiful clothes that have been destroyed by girls wearing 30 layers of foundation. Like, was the dress originally cream or orange? Especially when it started at 50 euro and its down to 15 euro and you can hardly contain your excitement for your next night out and then…BOOM. IT’S DESTROYED. Why people, just why? So as you try to recover from this traumatic incident you take a stroll into boots to look for a new red lipstick and as you reach the counter ‘Do you have a Boots card?’ ‘Nope!’ ‘Would you like a Boots card?’ ‘No thank you, maybe next time!’ ‘Well it will only take a minute so fill out this form please!’ I DIDN’T WANT A BLOODY BOOTS CARD! I go into Boots every now and then to buy deodorant or a new toothbrush, but that’s it. I didn’t need to waste a valuable 6 minutes of my life filling out a form for something that I will never use. Even after I did fill it out, where is my Boots card? Weeks later and it still isn’t here after the big fuss that was made about it. Just let me live my life people. Ugh. Rant over lol xo

My Favourite Thing In The World

Aside from the obvious things like clothes, Ed Sheeran etc, my favourite thing in the world is tea. Yes, I know this may not come as a big surprise because I am rarely seen without a cup in my hand and do beg people to make it for me up to 100 times a day. However, this does occasionally fail (all the time) and I end up having to make it for myself. People can be so lazy and inconsiderate sometimes. I would just like to take this opportunity to explain the reason behind my love of tea. Not only is it something to make to pass the time when you’re bored, but its also the most beautiful thing that your stomach will ever experience. Ever. It is also a great conversation starter ‘Well wua?’ ‘Just makin tea wbu?’ ‘Same hu ya luvin?’ (The end bit is optional, but trust me it’s good advice…I presume). I am well known for having a love of tea and I admit I do judge peoples characters on whether or not they like it, because lets be honest, you must be fairly strange if you don’t like tea? I could easily drink buckets of it and it’s so much easier to do when you have a mug that you’ve fallen in love with! A good mug is better to have than any man! I spend a lot of my time shouting ‘I’LL HAVE TEA!’ downstairs as soon as I hear the flick of the kettle and without it I fear I would go into a terrible mental state and may need to get serious help. But until then, bit of milk and no sugar! Sound lads xo

Is Beach Life Really For Everyone?

So a few days ago I was sitting on the beach surrounded by my embarrassing parents and swarms of hyper demon children and it hit me how much I really would not like to live by the sea. Sure its nice to go to the beach when we are blessed with nice weather and I do enjoy it occasionally, but I don’t get the big deal like some people do, I mean if I lived by a beach I suppose its good in some ways because I could pass boring evenings by removing the excess sand from my bikini top and in between my toes which has built up during the day and build many sandcastles in my room until I have a huge sand kingdom of which I would been the queen (obvs), but apart from that it doesn’t appeal to me too much. I have spent many Summers in Cornwall by the sea trying to eat my fish and chips while being eyed up by vicious, flesh eating seagulls who have in the past attacked by parents and stolen my brothers ice-cream. The signs that say ‘Please do not feed the seagulls.’ is not respected by many people and people do have sympathy for them so continue to feed them. I don’t. They are evil and I am hungry. So many days have ended in the past with me standing in a busy fishing village having an emotional breakdown about how I refuse to eat outside incase I get attacked (or eaten whole), but in the end I never win because my parents get moody and I end up starving or taking home chips for later (which go soggy by the time I get to eat them, vom.) I also hate that beachy feeling of your hair when you get home and you feel like you could shower for four days because of sand, salt and seaweed. Some people may say that I complain too much, but unless you are Danny Zuko then don’t expect me to spend many Summer days on the beach with you!

The Mystery That Is Boykind

As I watch my brother irritate me unnecessarily each passing day of my life I often wonder what God was busy doing when Satan decided to swoop in and throw simple minded, yet very appealing creatures onto the earth to join us lovely females. Of course some of them are fine (Jack Dawson and Peter Pan) but in general they are pretty confusing. Firstly, what annoys me is that when you say the words ‘I kinda like you’ to a boy they seem to hear the words ‘Hi how would you like to take out a mortgage and father my children?’ and freak out about too much commitment! Like chill out mate there’s not a hope in hell I’m going to ask you to be the unfortunate man who marries me while Zac Efron is still on the market! Secondly, they speak in strange code, this may include words such as ‘man’ and ‘buddy’. Chances are if you’re looking for the shift and call me any such name then I will just presume that all hope is gone for us and I don’t need to shave my legs around you anymore! This leads me onto the way they text…’haha’ and ‘ya’ are not acceptable responses to my long, thrilling story about what I am at. I’m hoping that there will come a time in my life when they are less confusing than the Leaving Cert maths course. Of course I am complaining about all of this now and I will continue to complain about it for the remainder of my teenage years, but lets face it, no matter how many times I say ‘I am so done with boys’ or ‘I hate him now, like I’m so over him, he’s not even that hot anymore’, I don’t mean a single word because the second another girl comes on the scene World War 3 will begin along with the bitching sessions and evil plotting over a cup of tea at lunch time with my army of girlfriends.

Things That Annoy Me

I admit that I am easily annoyed but as I am bored at home for the summer all of these things are starting to become more and more noticeable. There are little things in life that make me ask ‘WHY UNIVERSE?WHY??’ Okay…so maybe that was a little bit over the top but you know what I mean!
It seems that the worst pains in life that can be experienced are happening to me on a daily basis, is this because of bad karma? Or am I just a disaster magnet? Obviously, I don’t mean I’m going through childbirth everyday or anything, I just mean that every two minutes it seems like my toe becomes attracted to the corner of the coffee table or the bottom of my foot falls madly in love with a plug and they feel the need to shift against my will. My hip is also gradually deteriorating because of counter corners, yet it doesn’t take any excess weight with it which wouldn’t be such a bad thing with how many ginger nut biscuits are starting to build up…
Through the hard times I tend to rely on one thing that is there for me for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. Yes, tea <3 But of course this also has its downsides. As soon as I turn on the kettle my father suddenly has bionic hearing and an argument soon starts when my whole family decide they also want a cup of tea, which is bloody irritating considering there are never any washed cups in our house and my mum decides to bring the milk with her up to the salon everyday, but of course being the lovely daughter and sister that I am I proceed to make everyone a cup (after a good 10 minute rant) and then everybody complains about it anyway because my tea making skills resemble my skills in sport (I have none) Another tea question that I ask myself is what evil person at the teabag factory decided to stab a hole in one teabag so that your entire cup of tea is ruined when the tea falls out? Is a cup of tea really worth the stress that comes with it?
 Many annoying things in life are a mystery to me and  hopefully the day that I figure out the reasons behind these will be the same day that I figure out how to open a bottle of calpol that has a childproof lid or the day that my mum figures out how to shut the door behind her when she leaves my room…

Yaaay I’m here!

Ok, so I know absolutely nothing about blogs, or computers really! I get easily frustrated so this took me a bloody long time to figure out but I finally made it pink, woo! I like to write and tell long stories which many people tend to zone out of so I decided to make a blog to rant about these dilemmas in my life (running out of teabags, unplucked eyebrows, lack of hairclips etc) I’ll try to do this as often as I can and try to keep everybody entertained! If you have any suggestions please let me know 🙂 and if you dont like my blogs well then dont tell me because like why would you? Hehe sound guys xo