My Favourite Thing In The World

Aside from the obvious things like clothes, Ed Sheeran etc, my favourite thing in the world is tea. Yes, I know this may not come as a big surprise because I am rarely seen without a cup in my hand and do beg people to make it for me up to 100 times a day. However, this does occasionally fail (all the time) and I end up having to make it for myself. People can be so lazy and inconsiderate sometimes. I would just like to take this opportunity to explain the reason behind my love of tea. Not only is it something to make to pass the time when you’re bored, but its also the most beautiful thing that your stomach will ever experience. Ever. It is also a great conversation starter ‘Well wua?’ ‘Just makin tea wbu?’ ‘Same hu ya luvin?’ (The end bit is optional, but trust me it’s good advice…I presume). I am well known for having a love of tea and I admit I do judge peoples characters on whether or not they like it, because lets be honest, you must be fairly strange if you don’t like tea? I could easily drink buckets of it and it’s so much easier to do when you have a mug that you’ve fallen in love with! A good mug is better to have than any man! I spend a lot of my time shouting ‘I’LL HAVE TEA!’ downstairs as soon as I hear the flick of the kettle and without it I fear I would go into a terrible mental state and may need to get serious help. But until then, bit of milk and no sugar! Sound lads xo

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