Things That Annoy Me

I admit that I am easily annoyed but as I am bored at home for the summer all of these things are starting to become more and more noticeable. There are little things in life that make me ask ‘WHY UNIVERSE?WHY??’ Okay…so maybe that was a little bit over the top but you know what I mean!
It seems that the worst pains in life that can be experienced are happening to me on a daily basis, is this because of bad karma? Or am I just a disaster magnet? Obviously, I don’t mean I’m going through childbirth everyday or anything, I just mean that every two minutes it seems like my toe becomes attracted to the corner of the coffee table or the bottom of my foot falls madly in love with a plug and they feel the need to shift against my will. My hip is also gradually deteriorating because of counter corners, yet it doesn’t take any excess weight with it which wouldn’t be such a bad thing with how many ginger nut biscuits are starting to build up…
Through the hard times I tend to rely on one thing that is there for me for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. Yes, tea <3 But of course this also has its downsides. As soon as I turn on the kettle my father suddenly has bionic hearing and an argument soon starts when my whole family decide they also want a cup of tea, which is bloody irritating considering there are never any washed cups in our house and my mum decides to bring the milk with her up to the salon everyday, but of course being the lovely daughter and sister that I am I proceed to make everyone a cup (after a good 10 minute rant) and then everybody complains about it anyway because my tea making skills resemble my skills in sport (I have none) Another tea question that I ask myself is what evil person at the teabag factory decided to stab a hole in one teabag so that your entire cup of tea is ruined when the tea falls out? Is a cup of tea really worth the stress that comes with it?
 Many annoying things in life are a mystery to me and  hopefully the day that I figure out the reasons behind these will be the same day that I figure out how to open a bottle of calpol that has a childproof lid or the day that my mum figures out how to shut the door behind her when she leaves my room…

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