How To Cope With Stress

As this has been the most stressful year of my life so far (apart from the year I got told my Hogwarts letter was fake obvs), I think it is important to share my ways of coping with stress (and I was in the mood to write a blog). Yes, there are many worries in my life this year…What do I want to study in college? Where do I want to go to college? Did I remember to pluck my eyebrows before leaving the house? etc, etc. However, I do like staying calm about my school work. When people ask me ‘Did you study for this test?’, Well why does it matter if I studied or not? This isn’t going to affect your knowledge, so why bother asking? An easy way to escape this question is by simply saying ‘A bit yeah’ this can translate to ‘I spent all weekend studying and didn’t sleep’, or in my case ‘I spent more time studying how long it takes me to eat a huge bag of cheese puffs all by myself’. I try my best to stay calm about exams by telling people they don’t matter that much and I genuinely believe this is true, I’d much rather have my health than 600 points in the Leaving Cert! And who cares if I focus on boys more than books? Books aren’t gonna cuddle me and make me laugh…like neither are the majority of boys, but I still live in hope! Of course this is all easier said than done and sure I may have the occasional emotional breakdown after every failed maths test, but lets face it, we all get over these moments when we find a dairy milk in the fridge or realise dad has the kettle on! The exams will soon be over and you will be back at home again, on the couch relaxing just as you are every evening! I have had some people tell me I’m bubbly all the time, this surprised me because I would have considered myself to be your average hormonal teenage girl, but at the end of the day, why wouldn’t I be bubbly? If people knock you down, get back up, and if people don’t like you then why bother worrying about them? If you spend your days getting yourself worked up over other people’s opinions of you then you’re always going to be stressed! Life isn’t meant to be stressful, we’re all just passing through. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate!

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