The Mystery That Is Boykind

As I watch my brother irritate me unnecessarily each passing day of my life I often wonder what God was busy doing when Satan decided to swoop in and throw simple minded, yet very appealing creatures onto the earth to join us lovely females. Of course some of them are fine (Jack Dawson and Peter Pan) but in general they are pretty confusing. Firstly, what annoys me is that when you say the words ‘I kinda like you’ to a boy they seem to hear the words ‘Hi how would you like to take out a mortgage and father my children?’ and freak out about too much commitment! Like chill out mate there’s not a hope in hell I’m going to ask you to be the unfortunate man who marries me while Zac Efron is still on the market! Secondly, they speak in strange code, this may include words such as ‘man’ and ‘buddy’. Chances are if you’re looking for the shift and call me any such name then I will just presume that all hope is gone for us and I don’t need to shave my legs around you anymore! This leads me onto the way they text…’haha’ and ‘ya’ are not acceptable responses to my long, thrilling story about what I am at. I’m hoping that there will come a time in my life when they are less confusing than the Leaving Cert maths course. Of course I am complaining about all of this now and I will continue to complain about it for the remainder of my teenage years, but lets face it, no matter how many times I say ‘I am so done with boys’ or ‘I hate him now, like I’m so over him, he’s not even that hot anymore’, I don’t mean a single word because the second another girl comes on the scene World War 3 will begin along with the bitching sessions and evil plotting over a cup of tea at lunch time with my army of girlfriends.

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