If I Had a World Of My Own, Everything Would Be Nonsense :)

As a 17 year old girl looking around my room, I immediately notice my Flounder teddy, Princess figurines and Bambi hoody that I am currently wearing. Yes, you may say that I am obsessed with Disney and a little immature, but without it, where would we be? Not only did it give me great hope for friendship as Snow White was super popular and suddenly gained like 7 friends within a day but it also made people realise how unlikely relationships can easily form, I mean look at Ariel, she was friends with a fish? No matter how cheesy it may sound, I am still waiting for that day where a handsome prince meets me in the woods and instantly falls in love with me (Just praying I have make up on and my bum looks good that day). Even though the Disney princes are charming and seem like the perfect guys, I am still relying on Peter Pan to appear outside my window. Just me who thinks he’s got that sexy, edgy thing about him? Like he’s not that obvious nice, almost as if he’s playing hard to get with Wendy, but his best friend is madly in love with him and sadly, he just can’t see it. This is ridiculous really because who wouldn’t be attracted to a fairy who has that much attitude and such a hot figure? I honestly blame Peter Pan for my taste in men. Luckily, Tinker Bell made me want to be much more independent, as did Mulan. Yeah screw all you people, I can wear a fairy costume while being really moody or join the Chinese Army for the laugh, who’s gonna stop me? Who needs the Leaving Cert when you can find yourself a man with a Genie friend and a magic carpet, or a beast who lives in a huge castle in the woods? I even have a Snow White dress in my wardrobe! #noregrets Now please excuse me while I go and put it on…

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