The Pros And Cons Of Your Sister Going Back To College

Anybody who lives at home and has a sister in college can relate to the mixed emotions that return whenever it is time for her to go back in September. To be honest, for me it is usually relief, because even though I love the girl dearly we are always ready to kill each other by the end of the summer…

Here are the pros and cons of saying goodbye to your most beloved companion (your sister, not your cat…)

Pro-You have more time to yourself.
Con- She is your sister, best friend,partner in crime, teacher, stylist, make-up artist, therapist and guardian angel, so you know, you kind of miss her when she’s gone…

Pro- You can now move into her room.
Con- She took all the good stuff out of her room.

Pro- You can just fill her empty room with your own stuff.
Con- She took all your stuff too when you weren’t looking…

Pro- She left half of her wardrobe.
Con- It’s all the things you won’t fit into, or the stuff you’ve already ruined with tan. Oh well, it’s better than nothing…

Pro- You can get crumbs in her bed without her complaining.
Con- The midnight feasts and bitching sessions aren’t as fun alone…

Pro- You can bond with the rest of your family. I wonder what they’re like? So far they seem like nice people…
Con- But do they really understand you as much as she does?

If Jack Dawson Existed In 2015

I think many of us have grown up with the dream of finding an amazing man like Jack Dawson in Titanic to sweep us off our feet. And while I haven’t yet given up hope, I need to start looking a teeny tiny bit harder! I have no doubt that these rare male species are lurking around the globe somewhere, but in relation to many males I already know, Jack Dawson nowadays would be very different to how we saw him in 1912 (well, 1997, but you know what I mean.) So lets all take a moment to transport him into one of our male friend groups and see the result…

1. His sexy rugged look would not be as sexy
Please Jack, untuck your tracksuit bottoms from your socks and stop social smoking to look cool.

2. His job would get very irritating
Oh my god who is this girl that just sent you nudes on Viber?!

3. He might not be as caring and romantic after THAT car scene
It’s been three days and still no text… let me send a “group” snap to investigate the situation…

4. Chances are he will let go
“Look sorry, I’m just not looking for a relationship right now” You jump, I jump? I think not, asshole…

5. He would spend waaaay more time with Fabrizio and Tommy Ryan
“So you wanna go to a real party? Well sorry you can’t because it’s a lads night!”

So lads, to conclude, until you can portray Jack Dawson the old fashioned way:

Rant Of The Week: How Mixed Veg Saved My Life (Well, Kinda…)

So I don’t mean to be negative, but this has just not been my week at all! I always go on the trampoline with my iPod when I just need a few moments to escape from the world and get rid of some frustration, and trust me, that had been building up for several days…

So anyway, me being the idiot that I am decided to go on the trampoline after a mini hurricane. It was going perfectly well at first, all cosy in my hoody with Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble blasting in my ear. And well, I must say, even though I knew the previous thing that had been annoying me was trouble (most definitely) I didn’t expect my moment of exercise to be the same.

While bouncing around minding my own business my right foot decided to twist inwards and go all wobbly for no apparent reason (yes, it had done this weeks beforehand… refer to older Rant Of The Weeks.) I landed straight onto my bum with my foot twisting inwards. This of course sent my phone, and Taylor Swift flying in all directions (soz Tay hun.) One very wet bum, oblivious brother, and many tears later, I decided to drag my body indoors similarly to the creepy girl from the Ring.

My dad then tried to fix the issue with a bag of frozen vegetables, while my mum later swapped it for a less heavy bag of chips, aka, tonight’s dinner (needless to say, my appetite disappeared for once in all my nineteen years…)

After spending hours in the hospital today bonding with my dad, I got an X-Ray which informed me my ankle is not broken (Yayyyy!) just badly hurt, and I am now on crutches, which may I add, I am useless at. It took me like three days to actually reach the X-Ray department.

Was this karma for going on the trampoline to release my frustration? Was this karma for being a nice person with great brows? Nobody knows, the only thing I do know is that everything happens for a reason, but with one giant squishy foot and soon to be overly muscly leg, I’m struggling to see the benefits of this unfortunate situation? 

My Thoughts On The Balmain And H&M Collaboration

Even though I’m not a huge lover of designer things, I am very excited about Balmain collaborating with one of my favourite shops H&M. Everytime I see a celebrity wearing Balmain there is just always something I love about it, I think it could be the structure, shoulders and often military style looks. One of the pieces from the collection was released recently and strangely enough I had a dream that my friend had bought it and hid it from me so I couldn’t steal it, which really is very possible! Anyway, I then woke up to pictures of the gorgeous Gigi Hadid wearing another Balmain X H&M dress in New York and I fell in love all over again.

The collaboration was announced back in May when Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn wore pieces from it to the Billboard Music Awards. The range will be available from November 5th in 250 stores and online, and I am very excited. However, unfortunately, I heard that the Gigi Hadid dress will cost around the €500 mark which means I can’t afford normal Balmain or H&M Balmain, sad times ahead… but despite this, I’ll be on the hunt for something anyway!

Are you a fan of Balmain just like the Kardashians and myself are? I would definitely join the Balmain Army if I could (a girl can dream, eh?) Check out some of my favourite Balmain looks below 🙂 x #HMBalmaination

Five Thoughts Every Girl Who Went To An All Girls School Can Relate To

Unfortunately, for my secondary school years I attended an all girls school. It wasn’t by choice, but it actually wasn’t too bad when I look back on it now. Sure my pinafore wasn’t the most flattering, but does bottle green really look good on any 15 year old with braces and an unforch middle parting? Exactly…

Here are five thoughts I had when I was in school, so I hope some of you may be able to relate 🙂

1. “Dear god when did I get so ugly?”
Casually being surrounded by the occasional caked face and false eyelashes at ten past nine on a Monday morning… we all know where you’re going at lunchtime sistah!
2. “Please just shut up”
We all knew those over dramatic girls who could never just let us eat our crackers in silence. We always stayed friends with them though, even though we know they disliked us too… drama drama drama…
3. “Is he hot or am I just desperate?”
You know when you get a young male teacher in and suddenly all the students turn into a pack of hungry wolves. Lads, he’s probably married with a baby, we all have to just move on and remember there is a world outside of these walls…
4. “I know you’ve probably shifted my man because I’ve creeped on all your social media accounts”
Fiiiiine, I’ll partner up with her for this class but she is not borrowing any of my pens because she already has plenty of what’s mine…
5. “On the bright side, these dying animal stomach noises would be so much worse if I was in a mixed school”
We all know the struggle…

Five Things I Can Never Understand About The Male Species

I very much doubt I’m alone when I say men are difficult creatures to understand. They think completely differently to women and are just from another planet altogether. Some things stand out more than others, and for me it’s these five…

1. The boy room smell
A mix of lynx, a lingering scent from a gear bag and the occasional bit of fresh air from the window their mum probably risked her life to open. Why does every boys room smell like this but girls rooms don’t? Or am I just immune to the girl smell because of the fact I am a part of the female species?

2. Their extraordinary skill of playing mind games
Okay, you aren’t bright enough to cop onto the simple fact that I am head over heels in love with you, yet you are smart enough to concoct a plan where you text me non stop for two days and then stop replying for another three weeks and then like other girls selfies to make me jealous but then return from the depths of hell to tell me you think I’m pretty so that I fall back into the trap? Honestly, what secret male training is there to teach them how to control a girls thoughts and all her emotions? and where do I sign up for the female alternative?

3. Facebook likes
You literally like every single photograph under the sun yet somehow my constant profile picture change goes completely unnoticed every. single. time. Dropping a like every now and then wouldn’t kill ya. I am stunning after all, there’s no need to hide from the beauty…

4. When they like people we hate without our permission
Excuse me, that girl I’ve never met irritates the life out of me for no particular reason, so how dare you tell me you don’t have a problem with her? Please get away from me, I really cannot be around you when you’re acting so irrational… just go marry her already.

5. When they don’t get the hint that we’re annoyed with them
Or maybe they realise and are just choosing to ignore it? Well either way, it’s annoying. I can only dramatically sigh and say “I’m fine” so many times. I am obviously not fine, I’m annoyed and bored of trying to make you notice. Shower me with chocolate, affection and shirtless pictures of Zac Efron ASAP before I kill you.

Review: St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse

Being the natural milk bottle that I am, I find it difficult to find a reliable tan that doesn’t make me look like I just finished a shift in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory whenever the daylight hits me. A few weeks ago my brother actually openly said “woah, you look orange!” so yes, I find tan to be a bit of a struggle…

When I posted a photo of an old bottle of St. Moriz on Instagram recently, they were kind enough to offer to send me new tan to try. Days later I received a lovely package which included – St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse in Medium, a St. Moriz Self Tan Applicator Mitt, and St. Moriz Bronzing Powder.

My verdict after trying these? I instantly fell in love! This is the nicest tan I have tried in a very long time… no orange look, no horrible streaks, no vile smell. It gave me a gorgeous pop of colour which is the look I love when putting on tan (if you would prefer a deeper look you could go for the dark shade instead of medium.) It also dried very quickly so there was no hassle of waiting around and I could finish getting ready for my night out. The bronzing powder is also much better than the one I already have and I’m sure will become a handbag essential.

Before and after pictures:

A big thank you to St. Moriz for finding me my new favourite tan! I will forever be completely streak free and no harm will be done to my bank account in the future because it is so affordable 🙂 Yay!


Rant Of The Week: Mini Social Media Heart Attacks

As you read more and more of this post chances are you will only be thinking one thing: “Wow, this girl is weird,” unless of course you are a human being like myself, and in that case you may find this post extremely easy to relate to.

I didn’t have much to rant about this week, I had a lovely week in Waterford with my friend and life was going pretty well. That was until I came across something on social media that I really really didn’t want to see. You know that feeling where all you can do is stare at the wall in shock and try not to cry? Well, I do…

I HATE that side of social media, isn’t it amazing how something as simple as a picture or somebody’s name can just ruin your day? Does that only happen to me? Something pops up on your newsfeed, whether it’s a relationship status, cute picture that you do not find cute, some conversation that tells you way too much, or something else, and all you can do is try to decide whether you would prefer to investigate the situation further or delete your account? I won’t go into the details of what my unfortunate occurrence was, but lets just say, it called for lots of Tay and Bey.

However, after a minute of slightly hyperventilating and needing to cry, I realised I had two options – I could let this ruin my day and keep going over it in my head, or I could take it as a sign from the angels and let it make me stronger. I have opted for the second option, this led to lots of productive writing and girl power music, rather than leading to burying my head into the junk food cupboard and crying my eyes out. I am now the same weight I was half an hour ago and my mascara is still on point, so who’s the real winner here?

As much as I didn’t want to see what I saw, I needed to see it, it really opened my eyes to the fact that I can’t let other peoples actions control my thoughts and emotions anymore. Hurting is a horrible thing, but it will also inspire many blog posts and make me a stronger person for the future.

Life goes on!

Carma Dresses: My Favourites

Hiya ladies! It’s always lovely to find a new place to purchase some fab going out or day to day fashion, so I am here to tell you about Carma dresses. I was told about Carma dresses from a friend. I live in Tipperary, so a lovely woman called Alison Smith is the nearest Carma dresses representative to me. I have been looking at her page and falling in love with various pieces, and would like to show you my favourites.

There is no doubt that winter is fast approaching, definitely feeling the chill these days! I looove this cardigan. I’m a huge fan of the blanket cape style and black and white goes with everything. Lovely for a casual look, and would look very cute with a plain black bodycon skirt 🙂

How adorable is this skirt? Is it just me or is it very Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City? Would be absolutely stunning with a simple top and strappy sandals, or even teamed with a denim jacket for an edgier look!
The second I saw this dress I immediately thought of fashion queen Kim Kardashian. Such an eye catching dress for a night out, especially for anyone who loves a plunge neck like I do. The dress speaks for itself because of the stunning colour and the way it is so figure hugging, so I would team it with a simple clutch and delicate jewellery. Would you dare to wear this stunning piece? I personally love it!
This black dress is so gorgeous. I love the fishtail style at the bottom, but also the way the off the shoulder cut and low back gives it a soft edge. Perfect for a ball, wedding, or dinner date. Quite simple, but so effortlessly classy. 
Everything from Carma dresses is so affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to update your wardrobe. You will be guaranteed to find something you love. You can check out Alison’s page here! 🙂
Happy shopping girls, have a lovely week! 
Fe xo

Rant Of The Week: Is It Time To Rethink Who Gets Thrown Into The Friend Zone?

After many sleepless nights, rants to friends, hours of deliberation, and a broken heart I have realised many of us are in fact idiots. And by many of us, I mean my friends and I (hey, if I’m going down, you’re all coming down with me). I’m not saying everybody does this, but I just feel I do so I should write about it.

When looking for love, do we always friend zone the nice guys? I am so guilty of this. I spend my days telling people I want a fairytale romance and when a sweet, caring guy is ready to offer me that, I’m like “Nah, he’s too nice.” Am I thick? Like I must be? What am I looking for so, a knight in shining armor who will be on Tinder as he’s approaching the tower to save me? A Noah Calhoun that will drop our romantic boat trip on the lake plan for a “long over-due” night out with the lads? Like please shut up, you all went out on Friday.

I’m always complaining that nice guys don’t exist, but I can admit right now that that is in fact a lie. I know plenty of guys that would be the perfect boyfriend material for me, but I just usually choose their rude, not bothered friends instead. I usually tell the nice guys that they’re like a brother to me, and maybe that is true? I know my brother will never hurt me and always protect me, so am I turned off guys with similar traits to him because I don’t want my boyfriend to resemble my brother? But then why do they say girls usually end up with guys that have similar qualities to their dad? Maybe as we get older we realise these caring, protective men are the better option and we feel safe and secure knowing they have similar qualities to the most important men in our lives?

I have an awful habit of thinking I can be the girl to change a guy, but to be honest I don’t think you can ever change him, nor should you want or need to. If a guy isn’t ready to be with you, commit to you, or provide you with the princess dream you want then I don’t think you can force it. Trust me, I’ve tried. You can give everything you have but sometimes it is just never enough. However, I don’t think we should feel down about this either. You aren’t the problem, but neither is he (that sucks because you both love and hate him, don’t worry girl, I feel ya.) You both just want different things.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m gonna enter the friend zone and attempt to drag some possible love interests back out, some guys I am just genuinely not romantically attracted to, but I’m just saying that being too nice isn’t always a bad thing. I’d rather be with a guy who tries his best to make me feel loved and cared for 100% of the time, than a guy who is being half-hearted towards me 99% of the time and lovely 1%.

Is it time to rethink the friend zone and who has entry into it? I think I need to anyway, because for me personally, in the wise words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman: “I want the fairytale.” I always have, and I know I always will.