Five Thoughts Every Girl Who Went To An All Girls School Can Relate To

Unfortunately, for my secondary school years I attended an all girls school. It wasn’t by choice, but it actually wasn’t too bad when I look back on it now. Sure my pinafore wasn’t the most flattering, but does bottle green really look good on any 15 year old with braces and an unforch middle parting? Exactly…

Here are five thoughts I had when I was in school, so I hope some of you may be able to relate 🙂

1. “Dear god when did I get so ugly?”
Casually being surrounded by the occasional caked face and false eyelashes at ten past nine on a Monday morning… we all know where you’re going at lunchtime sistah!
2. “Please just shut up”
We all knew those over dramatic girls who could never just let us eat our crackers in silence. We always stayed friends with them though, even though we know they disliked us too… drama drama drama…
3. “Is he hot or am I just desperate?”
You know when you get a young male teacher in and suddenly all the students turn into a pack of hungry wolves. Lads, he’s probably married with a baby, we all have to just move on and remember there is a world outside of these walls…
4. “I know you’ve probably shifted my man because I’ve creeped on all your social media accounts”
Fiiiiine, I’ll partner up with her for this class but she is not borrowing any of my pens because she already has plenty of what’s mine…
5. “On the bright side, these dying animal stomach noises would be so much worse if I was in a mixed school”
We all know the struggle…

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