If Jack Dawson Existed In 2015

I think many of us have grown up with the dream of finding an amazing man like Jack Dawson in Titanic to sweep us off our feet. And while I haven’t yet given up hope, I need to start looking a teeny tiny bit harder! I have no doubt that these rare male species are lurking around the globe somewhere, but in relation to many males I already know, Jack Dawson nowadays would be very different to how we saw him in 1912 (well, 1997, but you know what I mean.) So lets all take a moment to transport him into one of our male friend groups and see the result…

1. His sexy rugged look would not be as sexy
Please Jack, untuck your tracksuit bottoms from your socks and stop social smoking to look cool.

2. His job would get very irritating
Oh my god who is this girl that just sent you nudes on Viber?!

3. He might not be as caring and romantic after THAT car scene
It’s been three days and still no text… let me send a “group” snap to investigate the situation…

4. Chances are he will let go
“Look sorry, I’m just not looking for a relationship right now” You jump, I jump? I think not, asshole…

5. He would spend waaaay more time with Fabrizio and Tommy Ryan
“So you wanna go to a real party? Well sorry you can’t because it’s a lads night!”

So lads, to conclude, until you can portray Jack Dawson the old fashioned way:

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