Rant Of The Week: How Mixed Veg Saved My Life (Well, Kinda…)

So I don’t mean to be negative, but this has just not been my week at all! I always go on the trampoline with my iPod when I just need a few moments to escape from the world and get rid of some frustration, and trust me, that had been building up for several days…

So anyway, me being the idiot that I am decided to go on the trampoline after a mini hurricane. It was going perfectly well at first, all cosy in my hoody with Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble blasting in my ear. And well, I must say, even though I knew the previous thing that had been annoying me was trouble (most definitely) I didn’t expect my moment of exercise to be the same.

While bouncing around minding my own business my right foot decided to twist inwards and go all wobbly for no apparent reason (yes, it had done this weeks beforehand… refer to older Rant Of The Weeks.) I landed straight onto my bum with my foot twisting inwards. This of course sent my phone, and Taylor Swift flying in all directions (soz Tay hun.) One very wet bum, oblivious brother, and many tears later, I decided to drag my body indoors similarly to the creepy girl from the Ring.

My dad then tried to fix the issue with a bag of frozen vegetables, while my mum later swapped it for a less heavy bag of chips, aka, tonight’s dinner (needless to say, my appetite disappeared for once in all my nineteen years…)

After spending hours in the hospital today bonding with my dad, I got an X-Ray which informed me my ankle is not broken (Yayyyy!) just badly hurt, and I am now on crutches, which may I add, I am useless at. It took me like three days to actually reach the X-Ray department.

Was this karma for going on the trampoline to release my frustration? Was this karma for being a nice person with great brows? Nobody knows, the only thing I do know is that everything happens for a reason, but with one giant squishy foot and soon to be overly muscly leg, I’m struggling to see the benefits of this unfortunate situation? 

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