Rant Of The Week: Bus Journeys

I have decided to rant about bus journeys this week because there are many things that annoy me about them. Here we go…

Firstly, why doesn’t anyone wear seatbelts on buses? Do they all think there is some magical force stopping the bus from crashing? I always wear my seatbelt on bus journeys and everyone finds it funny (My Boyf laughed hard enough anyway…) Lads, it’s just like a car but bigger, with more people.. Seatbelts take like 2 seconds to put on (Shame the buses don’t arrive this quickly… )
Wifi on buses is also a topic that annoys me, why advertise wifi if it doesn’t work? I don’t advertise parties with Ed Sheeran performing at my house do I? No I don’t, because I don’t bloody have this to offer, so don’t advertise bus wifi if I’m going to be let down when I try to refresh who liked my selfie on Instagram. 
Delayed bus journeys also kill me. Bitch please, places to be, people to see (My Boyf and the guy who works in our local chipper.) 
Yes I am grateful for all the services these bus companies have to offer but please improve your advertising and start providing free food on each journey. Much love, Fe xo 

The Reality Of Life As a 1D Girlfriend: Cancel The World Tour And Delete Tinder

Okay, so I know I have written a few One Direction blog posts before and have previously stated how I love them but couldn’t see them as being boyfriend material blah, blah, blah, but with all the relationship drama that’s going on in that band at the moment the time has never been better to share my thoughts on the subject once again πŸ™‚

Can we all please take a moment to step back, think about those poor girls and imagine this as a scenario that’s going on in your own life. You’re now single in your head and murdering a tub of Ben and Jerrys, aren’t you?

Realistically, if they were the bunch of lads that your boyfriend was hanging out with on a regular basis I don’t think you’d be crying your eyes out when one of them leaves the group. No wonder he’s leaving the group, Perrie has probably told him “It’s 1D or me!”, in my case it would be “Its 1D or Fe”, but I’ve already tried that and they didn’t reply to my tweets or emails…

If you were Perrie, and bae was spotted holding hands with some mystery woman, of course bae is now band-less, he’s also trust-less and quite possibly manhood-less. Just saying. Liam has the right idea tweeting his girlfriend to let her know he missed her, however, I’m sure that came after 27 texts demanding his whereabouts (Can’t blame the girl, the 1D lovers are dropping like flies). Louis is confusing me with his Eleanor situation and as for Niall, I still haven’t forgiven him for supposedly upsetting Ed Sheeran over Ellie Goulding. Harry was alright until he decided not to marry Taylor Swift and have babies with her, rude. 

We could all form our own One Direction, I’m sure many of us have people in mind that have the ideal qualities to be Zayns replacement judging by all the stories we’re hearing about him lately. Saying that, I do hope he’s alright though, I still like Zayn! 

I don’t want a One Direction boyf as much as I used to though, it would get quite annoying. “Who’s the one you were holding hands with in the picture that’s on the front page of every newspaper in the country?” Zayn is SO lucky that snapchat best friends no longer exist. 

Review: My Favourite Mascara For Everyday Use – No7 Lovely Lashes.

I’m the type of girl that never sticks to one mascara, I have about five different ones in my makeup bag. I’m also the type of girl that loves my everyday makeup looking different and more natural to my going out makeup because there’s nothing better than the feeling of being all dolled up compared to your usual thrown together look, right?

I cannot stress enough how perfect No7 Lovely Lashes is for your everyday makeup routine. I was actually given this mascara by my nan because she got it in a No7 gift set but didn’t need the mascara. I would genuinely be an emotional wreck if I lost it, it’s amazing! It gives your eyelashes a beautiful, natural lift without being completely over the top for when you’re heading into town or to a friends house. It is enriched with Argan Oil and has a lightweight brush with soft bristles. 
My everyday makeup routine at the moment would usually be Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation in Ivory, Catrice Transparent Powder and my No7 Lovely Lashes mascara in black. There’s no horrible clumps and no smudging, so no panda eyes! However, for a night out you may need a few more layers of it, or to resort to one of your other four mascaras sitting at the bottom of your handbag. 

Such a gorgeous makeup essential to have. Boots cards at the ready! You can all thank me later πŸ˜‰ x 

Rant Of The Week: Why Is Saving Money So Difficult?

“Mum, I think I lost money last ni-..never mind I forgot about the five shots of tequila and three portions of chicken nuggets.”

Is it just me who always feels the need to spend money on the rare occasions that I have money? I don’t know why but for some reason I can never save it. This is the worst on nights out and on shopping trips. Where does it suddenly go and how does it all add up so quickly? Two euro here, a fiver there, and the next thing I know I’m terribly in debt and taking out loans once again from the bank of mum and dad, not really loans though because it never gets returned…
I always eat my money, drink my money or wear my money instead of saving up for the more important things (a new laptop, brother, etc). Is this an illness? 
On the bright side, I genuinely think I’m the main customer keeping so many clothes shops and chippers up and running..that’s where all my life savings have gone over my nineteen years of existence! You’re welcome. Why do I always do this though? Do I really need any of these life threatening heels or saturated fats? 
Realistically, what has money bought me? An ever growing wardrobe and an ever growing waist! However, if I keep going as I am this current wardrobe will be pointless when my bum grows to the size of a planet from all these chips and kebabs!  
I need help… 

Can We All Jump On The Zayn Train?

Is it just me who thinks Zayn Malik is the biggest idiot ever for being caught in flirty pictures with some girl who isn’t Perrie? Well saying that, I did think he was the biggest idiot ever until I found out that the girl in the pictures was also saying nothing happened. Girl, if rumours spread worldwide that you had some sort of fling with a One Direction member just go with it, duh? Anyone wanna spread those rumours about me nah? Ori.

No but being honest here, poor Perrie. No wonder Zayn has left the One Direction tour for a while, he has some serious little things to do to gain back his fiancΓ©es trust 100%. For me that would involve tea, titanic and repeatedly singing ‘Gotta Be You’ while feeding me chocolate, but hey, who ever listens to my opinions! 
One Direction member or not, the only direction I’d be sending him is out the door and luring Harry in instead!  Okay, well, thats probably easier said than done and realistically I can’t see Harry agreeing…
To be completely honest, I’m devo about Perrie and all that but do you think this means we all have a chance with Zayn Malik? We can dream…

Rant Of The Week: Manchester Moments

I’m leaving Manchester tomorrow but there are a few things that have annoyed me while I am here so I said I’d do a general Manchester Rant Of The Week πŸ™‚

1) Firstly, we are nowhere near a Primark. I was expecting eight stories of endless bargains and happiness but nope, nothing. Not even a small Primark..back to Penneys clonmel I go!

2) Our hotel room is haunted. No joke. The kettle boils by itself sometimes and something randomly fell off the desk without anyone moving it. Come for a nice quiet weekend away and end up getting possessed, just my luck…
3) If you actually want to buy any of the football merchandise you’d need to be on the team and getting their wages because its so bloody expensive… 
4) No sign of the Beckhams anywhere. How unforch. 
5) I genuinely thought I was going to die at the match when the fans got angry and when the random guy beside me started shaking me in excitement as United scored. Almost as much of a near death experience as that time I (kinda, sorta, ish) got chased by a bull (Cow eating grass in the same field as me..obviously I wasn’t eating grass, but you know what I mean). These things scare me okay… 
Heading home tomorrow, another long day of travelling! I asked for a celeb or two but got ghosts instead so I must say I’m quite looking forward to returning to my comfort zone… 
I’ve loved this football trip away. Obviously it’s no Disneyland but I’ll still be back eventually! Hopefully sitting with Colleen and Victoria, not that I ask for much or anything… 

Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me That Ronaldo Left Man United In 2009?

Sooo I have to get up at 4am tomorrow morning to go to Manchester ha..

It wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t been informed earlier today that Ronaldo hasn’t been playing for Man Utd since about 2009..like what? Who will I stare at now? It’s very unlikely that the Beckhams will be there, so will I actually have to watch the match? What does one wear to Old Trafford anyway? Sporty stuff? Lads this is a bit of a dilemma for me…

Other than all of these issues I actually am very excited! I can’t wait to hit the shops. I’m sure I will be flooding your Instagram newsfeeds with pictures over the next few days! My Rant Of The Week will probably involve me not being able to see the match because I forgot my glasses or be about me getting food thrown at me by some crazy football fan (my dad) orrrr I’ll be telling you all about my trip to a Manchester hospital after being knocked out by the football flying through the air that was attracted to my face! Sure look its all life experience so Manchester let’s be havin ya!

Wish me luck!

My face when I realise that a match goes on for 90 minutes…

Rant Of The Week: Let The World Dance

Bullying is one of the most heartbreaking issues happening in the world on a daily basis. The reason I have chosen this as my rant of the week is because of the picture of the dancing man with the caption “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.” This made me so upset the moment I saw it. How can people be so cruel? How can you get any sort of enjoyment out of upsetting somebody else? It isn’t funny and it definitely doesn’t make you cool in any way.

It is devastating to think that people suffer due to bullying everyday. We’ve all seen it, particularly in school. As a girl who has experienced it herself before, I can tell you that there is nothing quite like the feeling of being picked on or isolated. You shouldn’t be made to feel like that by anybody, whether they’re seventeen or seventy five. Bullying is bullying. Bullying isn’t having a laugh, bullying is getting enjoyment out of someone else’s misery, I don’t see the funny side of that?

I could rant about this issue forever. So to conclude, stand up for yourself, stand up for each other and don’t let anybody ever stop you from dancing! You will always meet people that are trying to drag you down, rise above it because at the end of the day no matter how much they may criticise your appearance, your personality or anything else about you, life is too short to let the opinions of these people have power over the opinions of the people in your life that actually matter. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
Keep dancing people πŸ™‚ x 

Can We Please All Have A Moments Silence For The Scalp Of Kim K

The moment I saw that Kim Kardashian had gone blonde I was sure I was going to hate it. Unfortunately, the longer I stare at it, the harder it becomes to hate it. Obviously I prefer her brunette but I actually quite like the blonde! Or maybe I just like the new chop? Not quite sure! Either way, this woman is receiving worldwide attention yet again, while her scalp is involuntarily being dragged through the depths of hell. Been there my friend.

Blonde isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, they’re supposed to have more fun, but in between my hair almost snapping off and my scalp being burnt to pieces by bleach, I don’t recall the fun part? The reaction of my school also wasn’t that fun either? Or the fact that I had to wear makeup every single day because the blonde made me look so washed out? Yeah lads some laugh. No wonder the woman looks so serious all the time her hair must be completely frazzled and ready to fall out.

As the daughter of a hairdresser I don’t mind experimenting with my hair, but I must say it is in an awful state now. Stained with reds and purples, straw like from bleach and with disgraceful roots because I’m trying to grow out my natural colour for healthier hair. No wonder she had it all chopped off! I can’t even do a Kylie Jenner on it because the blue would never come up in my hair…

I wonder what’s more damaged, Kim’s hair right now, or North when she’s old enough to see her mothers attempt to break the internet?

Kim girl hope you’re okay hun x 

Does Bargain Hunting Count As A Sport?

There is nothing I love more than a good bargain! People spending hundreds of euro on a coat or a pair of shoes while Im in Penneys clearing my purse of coppers!

I love buying different bits and pieces and putting them together to create a new outfit. I’m a huge fan of charity shops! Some people seem to never go in but I don’t understand why, I’ve found loads of fab things in charity shops! A lot of the time it’s big names with small prices, and you’re helping a good cause πŸ™‚ I’ve never been a devoted follower of the more expensive brands..maybe to treat myself yes, but in general if I see a handbag or pair of boots I like I head into Penney’s to see if they have something similar, which they do 99% of the time! I picked up this gorgeous jumpsuit today in a charity shop for 10 euro. Such a flattering fit! The bright green would not usually be my colour because I’m so pale but I couldn’t leave this so with a bit of tan I’ll be flying! It looks gorgeous with heels, can be worn casual or dressy πŸ™‚ 
Would highly recommend having a browse, fashion doesn’t have to completely empty your purse! πŸ™‚ 
Fe xx