Can We All Jump On The Zayn Train?

Is it just me who thinks Zayn Malik is the biggest idiot ever for being caught in flirty pictures with some girl who isn’t Perrie? Well saying that, I did think he was the biggest idiot ever until I found out that the girl in the pictures was also saying nothing happened. Girl, if rumours spread worldwide that you had some sort of fling with a One Direction member just go with it, duh? Anyone wanna spread those rumours about me nah? Ori.

No but being honest here, poor Perrie. No wonder Zayn has left the One Direction tour for a while, he has some serious little things to do to gain back his fiancées trust 100%. For me that would involve tea, titanic and repeatedly singing ‘Gotta Be You’ while feeding me chocolate, but hey, who ever listens to my opinions! 
One Direction member or not, the only direction I’d be sending him is out the door and luring Harry in instead!  Okay, well, thats probably easier said than done and realistically I can’t see Harry agreeing…
To be completely honest, I’m devo about Perrie and all that but do you think this means we all have a chance with Zayn Malik? We can dream…

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