Rant Of The Week: Bus Journeys

I have decided to rant about bus journeys this week because there are many things that annoy me about them. Here we go…

Firstly, why doesn’t anyone wear seatbelts on buses? Do they all think there is some magical force stopping the bus from crashing? I always wear my seatbelt on bus journeys and everyone finds it funny (My Boyf laughed hard enough anyway…) Lads, it’s just like a car but bigger, with more people.. Seatbelts take like 2 seconds to put on (Shame the buses don’t arrive this quickly… )
Wifi on buses is also a topic that annoys me, why advertise wifi if it doesn’t work? I don’t advertise parties with Ed Sheeran performing at my house do I? No I don’t, because I don’t bloody have this to offer, so don’t advertise bus wifi if I’m going to be let down when I try to refresh who liked my selfie on Instagram. 
Delayed bus journeys also kill me. Bitch please, places to be, people to see (My Boyf and the guy who works in our local chipper.) 
Yes I am grateful for all the services these bus companies have to offer but please improve your advertising and start providing free food on each journey. Much love, Fe xo 

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