Rant Of The Week: The Reality Of Early Mornings After Nights Out

Death. Death is the result of early mornings after nights out. We’ve all been there my friend…
LETS ALL GET DRUNK AND NOT SLEEP AT ALL WOOO! Ah, a great idea until you’re sitting in Maccy D’s at quarter past two stuffing your face with chicken nuggets knowing that you have to work or travel in a few hours. You try to face your alarm clock and the world at half seven in the morning with your pale face which has been drained of all life apart from a few patches of Estee Lauder Double Wear while your eyelashes are half hanging off. Nothing can be done, this day will be hell, almost as bad as the stink of alcohol and tan radiating off you. 

My mood on these days is similar to my mood in Leaving Cert when I had to face Double French. Low, very very low. I am like the Antichrist, don’t be surprised if you see me coming down the stairs backwards or if my head starts spinning. 

Maybe I should start going by the rule that if my selfie game isn’t strong before going out, then I shouldn’t go out at all? It’s the Universe way of telling me that the world isn’t ready for me tonight.

“Put those pyjamas back on girl, ya look rotten…” – Universe

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