The Reality Of Life As a 1D Girlfriend: Cancel The World Tour And Delete Tinder

Okay, so I know I have written a few One Direction blog posts before and have previously stated how I love them but couldn’t see them as being boyfriend material blah, blah, blah, but with all the relationship drama that’s going on in that band at the moment the time has never been better to share my thoughts on the subject once again 🙂

Can we all please take a moment to step back, think about those poor girls and imagine this as a scenario that’s going on in your own life. You’re now single in your head and murdering a tub of Ben and Jerrys, aren’t you?

Realistically, if they were the bunch of lads that your boyfriend was hanging out with on a regular basis I don’t think you’d be crying your eyes out when one of them leaves the group. No wonder he’s leaving the group, Perrie has probably told him “It’s 1D or me!”, in my case it would be “Its 1D or Fe”, but I’ve already tried that and they didn’t reply to my tweets or emails…

If you were Perrie, and bae was spotted holding hands with some mystery woman, of course bae is now band-less, he’s also trust-less and quite possibly manhood-less. Just saying. Liam has the right idea tweeting his girlfriend to let her know he missed her, however, I’m sure that came after 27 texts demanding his whereabouts (Can’t blame the girl, the 1D lovers are dropping like flies). Louis is confusing me with his Eleanor situation and as for Niall, I still haven’t forgiven him for supposedly upsetting Ed Sheeran over Ellie Goulding. Harry was alright until he decided not to marry Taylor Swift and have babies with her, rude. 

We could all form our own One Direction, I’m sure many of us have people in mind that have the ideal qualities to be Zayns replacement judging by all the stories we’re hearing about him lately. Saying that, I do hope he’s alright though, I still like Zayn! 

I don’t want a One Direction boyf as much as I used to though, it would get quite annoying. “Who’s the one you were holding hands with in the picture that’s on the front page of every newspaper in the country?” Zayn is SO lucky that snapchat best friends no longer exist. 

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