Rant Of The Week: Why Is Saving Money So Difficult?

“Mum, I think I lost money last ni-..never mind I forgot about the five shots of tequila and three portions of chicken nuggets.”

Is it just me who always feels the need to spend money on the rare occasions that I have money? I don’t know why but for some reason I can never save it. This is the worst on nights out and on shopping trips. Where does it suddenly go and how does it all add up so quickly? Two euro here, a fiver there, and the next thing I know I’m terribly in debt and taking out loans once again from the bank of mum and dad, not really loans though because it never gets returned…
I always eat my money, drink my money or wear my money instead of saving up for the more important things (a new laptop, brother, etc). Is this an illness? 
On the bright side, I genuinely think I’m the main customer keeping so many clothes shops and chippers up and running..that’s where all my life savings have gone over my nineteen years of existence! You’re welcome. Why do I always do this though? Do I really need any of these life threatening heels or saturated fats? 
Realistically, what has money bought me? An ever growing wardrobe and an ever growing waist! However, if I keep going as I am this current wardrobe will be pointless when my bum grows to the size of a planet from all these chips and kebabs!  
I need help… 

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