Rant Of The Week: She Who Laughs Last, Laughs Longest

When you’re in your teenage years, there comes a point where you are ready to leave school because of all the idiotic people you encounter that are around the same age as you. However, when you’re 20 you realise these people are still there, just pushed further into the back of your mind and hidden behind Facebook comments and a ridiculous Tinder bio. For example, what happens to the ‘lads’ you never even knew to begin with? Since when did ‘being a lad’ mean ‘being a bully’ ? Will they continue to fish for likes off each other and laugh at their own jokes when they’re married with three kids and a mortgage? Will they still continue to upload screenshots making fun of other people while on the hunt for some meaning in their lives? I haven’t got all the answers but I can assure you now that as life goes on ambition and happiness will consume you more than the few negative comments.

The only thing to do when people make fun of your passion is to work on that passion more than ever. Turn that dream into a reality and that passion into your life. Chances are, they won’t pass you ‘spinnin’ in their little car shouting stuff out the window while you’re surrounded by the skyscrapers of New York City or the Great Wall Of China, and eventually your Facebook friends list will be so full of the wonderful people you’ve met on the journey of fulfilling your passion that one tiny negative comment from a person you barely knew five years ago will be lost on your newsfeed amongst all the good things. Trust me, there comes a point where pictures of people kissing just doesn’t have the same hilarious element to it as it did when you were 12, and being cowardly enough to make fun of people on social media is a sign of a bad nature, not popularity. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and be brave enough to do what you love, so instead of trying to throw rocks onto somebody else’s path, why not support them on the journey which is probably a big enough struggle for them already without your input. Are people intimidated by a girl with a bit of fire in her belly and a lot of ambition, or just jealous of it? Don’t people realise that I already have my dad as my number one male supporter and as the biggest Daddy’s girl going that always has been and always will be good enough for me?

When all is said and done and a mindset finally matures, the laughter will have worn off but the regret will still be there. And don’t worry, it may seem like loads of people are laughing with them, but that’s called weakness and being a sheep, exactly what their whole group is probably made up of which is why they get so much support, I mean, how often do you see just one sheep standing alone in a field? Lets just hope the current sheep are all prepared to cheer their own kids up and hold back the anger when the same thing is done to them by a future generation of animals. It can be difficult, but try not to cry now because you certainly won’t be crying when you’re doing what you love surrounded by people who constantly support you and care about you. The negative people won’t even cross your mind, but you will still cross theirs by proving them wrong, rising above the nastiness, and choosing to slay by the day. Oh sorry, did you say something negative? I can’t hear you underneath my bouncy blowdry and killer high-heels.

Yes, I do apologise as I am aware this was a proper rant, but as a girl who has come under fire simply for being a lover of writing and fashion I have no choice but to share my thoughts on the topic, put on my favourite outfit, and just keep going! And that is exactly what you should do too πŸ™‚ School doesn’t last forever, but the opinion people have of your personality does so use it wisely and nicely.

The Ultimate Vegas Outfit

Hey guys!
I heard that Vegas.com started the #UltimateVegasOutfit Challenge and I just had to get involved because I am a huge lover of fashion challenges and a dreamer of travel! I have never been there but when I think of Las Vegas, glitz and glamour comes to mind – I can picture lights, luxury and plenty of sparkle! Having a browse through the website I realised there were so many Las Vegas hotels and other places in the Sin City to choose from and inspire my look. For me, the Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas caught my attention straight away… I think it was something to do with the crystals, unbelievable views of the Bellagio fountains and the upbeat night life! Since it was obvious I would be spending the days lounging by the pool in a bikini, I decided to focus on a dinner and night-time outfit.
For my first outfit, I decided to go for a chic and sophisticated look because it resembled the vibe of the hotel and the chandelier. The Scarpetta restaurant really appealed to me and to go here I opted for my classy River Island leather look pencil skirt to give it an edge. I teamed this with a light baggy white top to give a sexy off the shoulder look while also keeping cool. High-heels were a must and I went for a metallic pair from Penneys to add a pop of colour. However, it’s probably a good idea to use a big handbag to carry a pair of flats just incase you decide to go for a stroll afterwards. When it came to jewellery I decided on a pair of delicate diamante earrings, subtle and classic, similar to my hair which was pinned back, but the red lip still made the outfit stand out. 

For the night-time look, my favourite little black dress from boohoo was a must! The shape and material mean it’s a lot more interesting than your average LBD. The Las Vegas night life seems to be vibrant and buzzing, so what better way to dress up a simple black outfit than with a pair of eye catching heels and a statement handbag? I chose yellow, but any colour would be fab. I feel the pineapple bag just screams quirky Vegas style which I absolutely love. I chose yellow feather earrings to match. I could really see myself wearing this outfit while sipping on a cocktail with my girlfriends on the rooftop or at The Bond. 

Are any of you planning a Las Vegas holiday soon? It’s a place that has always been on my bucket list so be sure to check out Vegas.com for help and inspiration πŸ™‚ What would you wear if you were going to Vegas? I would love to see your looks and see what places appeal to you, because who doesn’t love a challenge, especially when it’s for fashion πŸ™‚

Rant Of The Week: When Christmas Just Isn’t A Valid Excuse Anymore

Healthy eating is one of those annoying things in life, you don’t want to do it but on the other hand it’s all you want to do. Eating your feelings can never be in the form of fruit or veg, it always comes as a bag of chips or bar of galaxy and the only time we don’t feel guilty about this is in December and early January. However, it is now the middle of March and I’m realising getting a boyfriend is more likely than getting a summer ready body. Why is healthy eating SO difficult? Why does the drawer full of goodies fill so quickly just like the extra space in my jeans? Why am I complaining about breakouts when I’ve basically been swimming in a river of chocolate like Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? And why do tortilla chips smothered in cheese make me feel so happy? Whenever I try to eat healthily I decide to treat myself, and seven packets of crisp later regret sets in just like the food baby. Carbs are like my girlfriends, bad influences on my life but impossible to live without. And the worst part about it is, I think I could give up my besties before giving up

potatoes. Spuds before buds people, spuds before buds. Who’s with me?

Meeting The Make Up Fairy

As a girl who is constantly trying to grow and improve my blog, there is nothing I love more than hearing the inspiring stories of my favourite bloggers and business women. This is why I jumped at the chance to get a ticket to The Make Up Fairy, Joanne Larby’s event in the Showgrounds, Clonmel. Exciting things rarely happen in this little town I live in so I knew I just had to go and make the most of the knowledge I would gain from the experience. If some of you aren’t familiar with Joanne, then you need to check her out on social media. She is such a beautiful, inspiring woman – in terms of both her career and approach to body confidence. You will just fall in love with her blog and Instagram and check her page more regularly than the page of the boy you like, don’t say I didn’t warn you πŸ˜›

The event was on Friday evening for a few hours in the Showgrounds with Benefit, Vila, and Easons. Joanne held a make-up masterclass with a lovely model, a fashion show and a book signing for her book Fairy Tales. I went with my friend Claire and her cousin Roisin. Claire is well aware that I will be practicing all the make-up tips on her so lets hope she took in all the information so we can glam each other up for our next night out! It was such a lovely, girly evening. There is nothing like a bit of fashion, beauty and sparkle to make your weekend. The thing that stood out to me the most was how Joanne was so relatable and down to earth, she makes you realise that your dreams are so achievable with hardwork and dedication, and everybody has to start somewhere. So at this point I am full of motivation and have a fresh outlook on things which is so refreshing. I am completely going to binge read Fairy Tales now whenever I’m feeling that little bit down in the dumps or just need a boost of inspiration.

I got to chat to Joanne while she was signing my book and she was just as pleasant one-to-one as she is when I watch her Snapchat stories or watched her talking to the crowd. She is serious career goals and body goals. I am so glad I got the chance to meet her and hear her story. Thanks for inspiring me Joanne, you deserve all the great opportunities that are coming your way πŸ™‚
The dress I wore is one I have had for years and the boots I got a few months ago from Penneys! And about the denim jacket, we all know I can’t live without them! The scarf was an order from my nan so I didn’t freeze, and she was right as always!:)

A Cosmetic Comparison: If Men Were Makeup

While I was in my usual state of severe stress and frustration recently while doing my makeup, I had a very unusual, yet accurate, thought. If the players of the world were makeup, surely they would be liquid eyeliner? Think about it for a minute… picture the guy who mixes up your emotions the most, it is surprisingly easy to compare him to liquid eyeliner. You want him, but is it worth the hassle? You know 99% of the time it is going to go wrong, but you always take the risk anyway. You can’t fully commit to the situation because you don’t fully trust it and always worry about it going wrong (because like I said before, it usually does!) However, when it goes right, it is perfect, and everything feels amazing. Amazing makeup, amazing man.

Now, think about when your relationship with eyeliner fails, you wipe it off and start again, but your eyes get sore after a while. Aren’t romantic relationships the same? Aren’t we doing the same damage to our heart with some romances as we are doing to our eyes with liquid eyeliner? We keep trying and trying until we eventually settle for it being less than perfect. Sure, we can afford for our eyeliner to be below a certain standard (well, sometimes, maybe…) but I don’t know if we can be expected to do the same with love. Should we ever settle for less than we really deserve? Or should we look at the situation as if the glass is half full and believe that practise makes perfect? Our eyeliner skills improve over time, so maybe the love also will if we keep trying.

Thinking deeper into this topic I realised you can compare many romantic (or, er, not-so-romantic) moments in your life to cosmetics. That one kiss you regret is suddenly very similar to the whole contents of your make-up bag when you were 13. No logic behind it, no point dwelling on it, time to move on. To be honest, I honestly don’t know what’s worse, your Bebo picture where you are wearing the foundation shade that is four times darker than your own skin tone and the eyeshadow you got free in a magazine, or the thought of that one game of tonsil tennis that is banned from crossing your mind until your friends decide to bring it up, AGAIN.
Think about that foundation you loved for ages because it suited you so well, but after a while things just weren’t quite the same between you anymore and you had no choice but to let it go and find a different foundation that would suit you better. Sound familiar? Any ex’s lurking around that are suddenly going to be looking like a giant Rimmel bottle when you bump into them next or is that just me?
I don’t know if this is making sense to any of you guys, but it will certainly make me be more wary of which products I use as a regular habit! All we really want is a man to love and rely on as much as we do with EstΓ©e Lauder Double Wear, is that really too much to ask for?:P Even Kim knows we can’t show our crazy too soon…

The Women Who Inspire Me

Hey everybody! So I know a Rant Of The Week was supposed to go up on Sunday but I have been SUPER busy and since it is International Women’s Day today I decided to replace Rant Of The Week just for this week. I love seeing women empowering each other so I thought it would be nice to write a post about a few of the women who inspire my life every single day πŸ™‚

My Mum
My mum Nicky is the closest thing I have to a Superhero and even though we want to kill each other sometimes, I could not live without her. She is a mother, bestfriend, teacher, guardian angel and teddy bear all in one. She works hard every single day to provide for all of us and has to put up with me so she deserves more credit than she gets! I’m 20 years old and she still plaits my hair because I can’t do it and comes with me to the doctors when I’m scared, so no matter how old you are, you’ll always need your mum! Love ya Momma Bear!

My Sister
My big sister is like my second mother. When mum tells me I’m making a stupid decision, Mels swoops in to confirm it for a second time! She always has my back no matter what, so if you hurt me be prepared for ‘What did you just say about my little sister?!’ She may be small but she’s bloody feisty and would always start World War 3 to protect me if necessary! We have always been inseparable and still are but the only difference is we don’t wear matching outfits anymore, unfortunately, her choice not mine…

My Nans
Both of my nans are completely different but I love them both so much. Nanny Josie passed away recently and I will miss her gentle nature and cuddles, she was sweet and soft and I always felt at home whenever I saw her. Nanny Mo on the other hand is a woman who I think is very similar to myself – she has a fire in a belly and is one tough cookie. She makes me laugh everyday and I love our drives into town and DMC’s over tea. She is a very strong woman and I admire her independence and attitude to life, she just keeps going no matter how she’s feeling. I can always rely on her and can open up to her, she really is my best friend. 

Zoe Sugg
Zoe Sugg aka Zoella is my idea of career goals. I love how she is just your average, everyday girl but she managed to build an empire. I always watch her videos and follow her on social media because she is so relatable and genuinely cares about her followers, she knows that without them she would not be where she is today. She battles anxiety and is open and honest about it which is something else I love about her. I genuinely feel like I know her! I have a Zoella beauty makeup bag and am currently reading Girl Online, I’m Zoella obsessed! She always inspires me to continue to follow my dreams and I am so glad that I have a woman like her to look up to.

Taylor Swift
Okay, everybody knows I LOVE this girl. She has got me through heartbreak plenty of times and her songs mean so much to me, I absorb every single lyric. I love how she has become such an inspiring woman and a great role model for the younger generation. She means what she sings and she is able to become every girl ever because we have all been there and she understands us.

Carrie Bradshaw
When it comes to fictional characters and ignoring the world, Carrie Bradshaw is my go to girl. I always binge on Sex and the City to cheer me up and Carrie is my favourite character. I can really relate to her passion for writing and fashion, and of course her relationship dilemmas! A lot of people don’t like her but I personally love her. Her quotes always get my writers mind thinking, whether it’s about the Mr. Bigs of the world or Manolo Blahniks!
Obviously there are many more women that I look up to but these are just a few because otherwise this post would never end πŸ™‚ As women we should all stand together and support one another so I hope you enjoyed reading this post about women who have inspired me πŸ™‚ 
Who are some women that inspire you? I would love to know πŸ™‚ Happy International Women’s Day everybody! Girl Power!