Rant Of The Week: When Christmas Just Isn’t A Valid Excuse Anymore

Healthy eating is one of those annoying things in life, you don’t want to do it but on the other hand it’s all you want to do. Eating your feelings can never be in the form of fruit or veg, it always comes as a bag of chips or bar of galaxy and the only time we don’t feel guilty about this is in December and early January. However, it is now the middle of March and I’m realising getting a boyfriend is more likely than getting a summer ready body. Why is healthy eating SO difficult? Why does the drawer full of goodies fill so quickly just like the extra space in my jeans? Why am I complaining about breakouts when I’ve basically been swimming in a river of chocolate like Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? And why do tortilla chips smothered in cheese make me feel so happy? Whenever I try to eat healthily I decide to treat myself, and seven packets of crisp later regret sets in just like the food baby. Carbs are like my girlfriends, bad influences on my life but impossible to live without. And the worst part about it is, I think I could give up my besties before giving up

potatoes. Spuds before buds people, spuds before buds. Who’s with me?

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