Meeting The Make Up Fairy

As a girl who is constantly trying to grow and improve my blog, there is nothing I love more than hearing the inspiring stories of my favourite bloggers and business women. This is why I jumped at the chance to get a ticket to The Make Up Fairy, Joanne Larby’s event in the Showgrounds, Clonmel. Exciting things rarely happen in this little town I live in so I knew I just had to go and make the most of the knowledge I would gain from the experience. If some of you aren’t familiar with Joanne, then you need to check her out on social media. She is such a beautiful, inspiring woman – in terms of both her career and approach to body confidence. You will just fall in love with her blog and Instagram and check her page more regularly than the page of the boy you like, don’t say I didn’t warn you 😛

The event was on Friday evening for a few hours in the Showgrounds with Benefit, Vila, and Easons. Joanne held a make-up masterclass with a lovely model, a fashion show and a book signing for her book Fairy Tales. I went with my friend Claire and her cousin Roisin. Claire is well aware that I will be practicing all the make-up tips on her so lets hope she took in all the information so we can glam each other up for our next night out! It was such a lovely, girly evening. There is nothing like a bit of fashion, beauty and sparkle to make your weekend. The thing that stood out to me the most was how Joanne was so relatable and down to earth, she makes you realise that your dreams are so achievable with hardwork and dedication, and everybody has to start somewhere. So at this point I am full of motivation and have a fresh outlook on things which is so refreshing. I am completely going to binge read Fairy Tales now whenever I’m feeling that little bit down in the dumps or just need a boost of inspiration.

I got to chat to Joanne while she was signing my book and she was just as pleasant one-to-one as she is when I watch her Snapchat stories or watched her talking to the crowd. She is serious career goals and body goals. I am so glad I got the chance to meet her and hear her story. Thanks for inspiring me Joanne, you deserve all the great opportunities that are coming your way 🙂
The dress I wore is one I have had for years and the boots I got a few months ago from Penneys! And about the denim jacket, we all know I can’t live without them! The scarf was an order from my nan so I didn’t freeze, and she was right as always!:)

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