A Cosmetic Comparison: If Men Were Makeup

While I was in my usual state of severe stress and frustration recently while doing my makeup, I had a very unusual, yet accurate, thought. If the players of the world were makeup, surely they would be liquid eyeliner? Think about it for a minute… picture the guy who mixes up your emotions the most, it is surprisingly easy to compare him to liquid eyeliner. You want him, but is it worth the hassle? You know 99% of the time it is going to go wrong, but you always take the risk anyway. You can’t fully commit to the situation because you don’t fully trust it and always worry about it going wrong (because like I said before, it usually does!) However, when it goes right, it is perfect, and everything feels amazing. Amazing makeup, amazing man.

Now, think about when your relationship with eyeliner fails, you wipe it off and start again, but your eyes get sore after a while. Aren’t romantic relationships the same? Aren’t we doing the same damage to our heart with some romances as we are doing to our eyes with liquid eyeliner? We keep trying and trying until we eventually settle for it being less than perfect. Sure, we can afford for our eyeliner to be below a certain standard (well, sometimes, maybe…) but I don’t know if we can be expected to do the same with love. Should we ever settle for less than we really deserve? Or should we look at the situation as if the glass is half full and believe that practise makes perfect? Our eyeliner skills improve over time, so maybe the love also will if we keep trying.

Thinking deeper into this topic I realised you can compare many romantic (or, er, not-so-romantic) moments in your life to cosmetics. That one kiss you regret is suddenly very similar to the whole contents of your make-up bag when you were 13. No logic behind it, no point dwelling on it, time to move on. To be honest, I honestly don’t know what’s worse, your Bebo picture where you are wearing the foundation shade that is four times darker than your own skin tone and the eyeshadow you got free in a magazine, or the thought of that one game of tonsil tennis that is banned from crossing your mind until your friends decide to bring it up, AGAIN.
Think about that foundation you loved for ages because it suited you so well, but after a while things just weren’t quite the same between you anymore and you had no choice but to let it go and find a different foundation that would suit you better. Sound familiar? Any ex’s lurking around that are suddenly going to be looking like a giant Rimmel bottle when you bump into them next or is that just me?
I don’t know if this is making sense to any of you guys, but it will certainly make me be more wary of which products I use as a regular habit! All we really want is a man to love and rely on as much as we do with Estée Lauder Double Wear, is that really too much to ask for?:P Even Kim knows we can’t show our crazy too soon…

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