Reasons Why Penneys Will Always Be My Favourite Shop #LiveLifeLovePenneys

Being the clothes obsessed eighteen year old girl that I am, I cannot put into words the love I have in my heart for Penneys. I am constantly in my local Penneys in Clonmel picking up things. Whether it is for nights out or lazy days, you are always going to find what you are looking for! Here are a few of my reasons why I love it so much.

1) Penneys is everywhere in Ireland. Primark is everywhere in England. You can’t travel far without finding one so you never need to panic!

2) The prices are beautiful. All the latest trends are brought in, they look exactly the same as in other shops, but are much more affordable! Yay!

3) It’s a great social spot. You’re always guaranteed to bump into someone. In my case it’s my sister because she works there, but it could also be your mum, uncle, best friend, that boy you had a crush on for a week in 3rd year or one of your old teachers.

4) They also have fab, affordable makeup. I bought my favourite red lipstick in Penneys, it doesn’t make me look like a clown or an old woman. Essence 03 Dare To Wear. I would be lost without it and it wasn’t like a bomb hit my bank account because it cost me less than a fiver!

5) The thongs that they have by the counter for one euro are the best impulse buy you will ever make! Super comfy and they look nice because they are pretty and made in a variety of colours. Perf.

6) I love it when they bring in clothes with different logos such as Coca Cola (recently purchased a hoody in the mens section and I am in love with it!). I also have many Disney, Barbie and Superhero clothes from there, the list goes on…

7) Penneys literally has everything. Lip balm, moisturiser, scented candles, you name it!

8) I went to a four storey Primark when I was visiting relatives in England. There are no words to describe the feeling. My mum lost me for about 4 days…

9) If you’re mad about your eyebrows, pop in and pick up the Catrice Eyebrow Set. This contains tweezers, a comb, a brush and 2 eyebrow powders. I used it for the debs (see picture below) and loved it! It’s also very affordable and small enough to fit in your handbag.

10) I have yet to go into a Penneys store that has unhelpful or unfriendly staff and this definitely makes the shop a lot more appealing knowing that there will always be somebody to help me if I need help with sizes and I will always be greeted with a smile at the counter!

To conclude, Penneys is my favourite shop in the world and I’m sure it won’t be long until they start selling boyfriends or replacement little brothers! Yay for #Penneys!

10 Things I Won’t Miss About School

So the Leaving Cert results are out and it’s time to head out into the big, bad world. The thoughts of leaving school are scary but here are ten things that I won’t exactly be crying about…

1) Attempting to plan a bladder timetable. “Miss, can I go to the bathroom?” “Why didn’t you go at lunch?” Oh hang on, let me just ask my bladder why it’s being so inconsiderate…
2) “Always be yourself” *dyes hair* “Dear god she went against the regulations of my kingdom, unleash the flying monkeys from my office asap!”
3) When you’re doing meditation for religion and your stomach decides to choose this moment to make itself known to your whole class by the use of dying animal sounds…
4) The way your parents spent the early years of your life teaching you to walk and talk but for the next 14 years you’re constantly told to sit down and shut up.
5) Making up fake illnesses every week for PE because apparently lazyitis isn’t an acceptable one.
6) Irish class and Irish teachers. Tuiseal Giniwho?
7) Double French on a Friday morning. C’etait un gros probleme…
8) The shrill sounds of screaming girls at 8.30 in the morning. My body is here but my mind is still asleep.
9) Those bathrooms that you’re still afraid to go into by yourself in 6th year because they are full of those tough Second Years. Just me?
10) “Your Comparative question must be at least three and a half pages long” *Begins Comparative question Sunday night*

The Stress Of Unnecessary Leaving Cert Hype. Head Is Pure Fried.

Now that the Leaving Cert results are out I’m questioning whether the stress was worth it. Gained about 20 stone from excessively eating dairy milk whole nut bars and have no nails left from nervous biting. I also did not appreciate just being a number in the system. Why is there such a crazy hype around the Leaving Cert? There are plenty of other routes, and why do you need pointless subjects that don’t relate in any way to the job that you want to do? The maths course is ridiculously horrendous and I will only use the simple parts again so why did I spend so long trying to attempt to draw the circumcircle of a triangle when clearly I wasn’t very good at it (see mock paper attempt below and try to figure out whether its maths or modern art). Biology was also impossible for me and the only thing I really got out of it was a random, cute plant that my teacher gave me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted with my results and for everyone else who did the Leaving Cert. However, I think there is more to life than this Leaving Cert hype! 600 points are all well and good but you need to breathe once in a while because what is meant for you won’t pass you! As long as you care and share you’re sorted and the world is your oyster! Yolo and all that, be grand xo

Because you can’t beat a good old size 10!

Things that I’m not happy about today-

Trying to make my waist recover from squeezing into a size 8 pair of skinny jeans twelve hours ago.

World War 3 has broken out on my face.
My house is bloody FREEZING.
Probs having something healthy for dinner.

Things that I’m happy about today- 
There is carrot cake in the kitchen.
This is one of those days where I’d be expected to be hit with comments such as “Have you put on weight? It suits you”, “You look awfully pale, are you feeling alright?”, “Maybe if you try blah blah blah your skin might clear up a bit” Thanks for the concern lads, but I’m just ugly alright…
The only thing worse than a bad face day is a bad face AND hair day. 
I’ve realised some of my favourite ways to cheer myself up on these kind of blah days, so here they are!
1) Annoy all your friends on Snapchat with selfies of your chins and by drawing on it to make yourself look like a mermaid. 
2) Bring music out on the trampoline and just jump for a good 40 minutes jiggling off all those vodka calories from the night before!
3) Eat the carrot cake. (Not a recommended tip if looking for positive results long term, but great if in need of short term happiness!)
4) Do a face mask, great fun and your skin will be super smooth afterwards.
5) Wash your hair and straighten it or do something nice. So simple, but how often do you feel really confident with your hair pulled back in a ponytail?
6) Throw on some mascara. Liven yourself up a bit! 
7) Have a dmc with your mum or dad or whoever will be most likely to make you a cup of tea!
8) Go for a walk. Just take some time to appreciate the living, breathing, annoying individual that you are.
9) Watch Friends. Friends will never let you down.
10) Ignore tips 1-8 and just do number 9 and order a Chinese takeaway!

The Most Adventurous Thing That I Have Ever Done

So as many people may already know, I am the biggest girly girl you will ever meet. Ever. I wouldn’t be seen dead in a tracksuit in public and the word sport may as well not exist in my vocabulary. The amount of trees that were probably chopped down to cater for my fake sick notes for PE classes during my 14 years of school is quite worrying. Yes, I know I’m fairly boring. No sense of adventure, no longing to risk my life jumping from a plane or swimming with sharks etc. However, about two weeks ago this dramatically changed as my sister persuaded me to go on a..dun duun duuun…TRAIL RUN. You know, like you see in those army films? Well, sort of.
We travelled to some random place and I have to admit my stomach was doing back flips with the mention of rivers, being knee deep in mud and jumping over things. However, as we approached the start there was no going back. I thought my outfit choice was quite cute but the second the mud swallowed me up to my waist I realised, people don’t really give a crap what I look like, do they? I was constantly having flashbacks to those rare days where I would have to take part in PE and I used to stand there screaming, covering my face and fearing for my life as any sporty person carrying a hockey stick or basketball came within a few metres of me (those things move bloody fast!). I genuinely preferred double maths.
As horrible as I’m making this out to be, I have to admit, it actually wasn’t that bad. Well no, that’s not true. It was horrendous. On the other hand, as cheesy as it sounds, I actually felt a sense of accomplishment for doing something so not Fenella Fox! It may have taken me hours and I may have wanted to give up after the first 30 seconds as my body hit the river water and the Titanic song started playing in my head, but I didn’t give up! I made it out the other side alive. Sure I was a little bit muddier, slightly traumatised and could have ate my family with the hunger, but I’m still here today admitting that I will never ever do that again and I am not recommending it to anybody who has a personality like mine in any way, shape or form!
Needless to say, I’m a Trail Run sensation and to everyone who always picked me last in primary school football and tag rugby…Who’s laughing now? #IHateSport

Things Men Do That Women Don’t Get

No matter how much we long for men in our lives (don’t deny it), it is no secret that we want to kill them 98 percent of the time. What is it in our nature that makes men and women so different? Why can’t both genders come to a mutual agreement on which way to leave the toilet seat?

Why do men find it so difficult to understand that we need an emotional breakdown at least once a week in order to make it through the next week? Sometimes I just need to cry for no reason at all, this is usually met with a hug from my mum and a “What you crying about this time?” from my dad. Equally, when I’m sick my mother is full of affection but my dad doesn’t notice. Of course this dramatically changes when our household is hit by a severe case of man flu.

Why don’t boys have friends with names other than “man” and “bud”? This is of course joined by that pointless firm male handshake in social situations and drop crotch trousers. Was this view of your boxers really necessary? I don’t even know you. I don’t want swag, I want a good old fashioned gentleman. When did hugging go out of fashion?

Why can’t men ever admit that another man is good looking? I will gladly express my undying love for Cheryl Cole’s dimples and Michelle Keegan’s bod but as soon as I mention Brad Pitt he is either too short or “he’s alright, nothing on me though”. Ah yes you’re right, nothing on you, that’s why Jennifer Aniston is your ex girlfriend and you have a family with Angelina Jolie!

Lets face it, we can’t live with men and we can’t live without them. We wish it was possible to keep the earth populated with females only, but Science isn’t that advanced yet. So until that time comes we will have to learn to cope with vile male sounds which they find so hilarious and the lingering smell after it. God help us all.