The Stress Of Unnecessary Leaving Cert Hype. Head Is Pure Fried.

Now that the Leaving Cert results are out I’m questioning whether the stress was worth it. Gained about 20 stone from excessively eating dairy milk whole nut bars and have no nails left from nervous biting. I also did not appreciate just being a number in the system. Why is there such a crazy hype around the Leaving Cert? There are plenty of other routes, and why do you need pointless subjects that don’t relate in any way to the job that you want to do? The maths course is ridiculously horrendous and I will only use the simple parts again so why did I spend so long trying to attempt to draw the circumcircle of a triangle when clearly I wasn’t very good at it (see mock paper attempt below and try to figure out whether its maths or modern art). Biology was also impossible for me and the only thing I really got out of it was a random, cute plant that my teacher gave me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted with my results and for everyone else who did the Leaving Cert. However, I think there is more to life than this Leaving Cert hype! 600 points are all well and good but you need to breathe once in a while because what is meant for you won’t pass you! As long as you care and share you’re sorted and the world is your oyster! Yolo and all that, be grand xo

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