10 Things I Won’t Miss About School

So the Leaving Cert results are out and it’s time to head out into the big, bad world. The thoughts of leaving school are scary but here are ten things that I won’t exactly be crying about…

1) Attempting to plan a bladder timetable. “Miss, can I go to the bathroom?” “Why didn’t you go at lunch?” Oh hang on, let me just ask my bladder why it’s being so inconsiderate…
2) “Always be yourself” *dyes hair* “Dear god she went against the regulations of my kingdom, unleash the flying monkeys from my office asap!”
3) When you’re doing meditation for religion and your stomach decides to choose this moment to make itself known to your whole class by the use of dying animal sounds…
4) The way your parents spent the early years of your life teaching you to walk and talk but for the next 14 years you’re constantly told to sit down and shut up.
5) Making up fake illnesses every week for PE because apparently lazyitis isn’t an acceptable one.
6) Irish class and Irish teachers. Tuiseal Giniwho?
7) Double French on a Friday morning. C’etait un gros probleme…
8) The shrill sounds of screaming girls at 8.30 in the morning. My body is here but my mind is still asleep.
9) Those bathrooms that you’re still afraid to go into by yourself in 6th year because they are full of those tough Second Years. Just me?
10) “Your Comparative question must be at least three and a half pages long” *Begins Comparative question Sunday night*

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