The Most Adventurous Thing That I Have Ever Done

So as many people may already know, I am the biggest girly girl you will ever meet. Ever. I wouldn’t be seen dead in a tracksuit in public and the word sport may as well not exist in my vocabulary. The amount of trees that were probably chopped down to cater for my fake sick notes for PE classes during my 14 years of school is quite worrying. Yes, I know I’m fairly boring. No sense of adventure, no longing to risk my life jumping from a plane or swimming with sharks etc. However, about two weeks ago this dramatically changed as my sister persuaded me to go on a..dun duun duuun…TRAIL RUN. You know, like you see in those army films? Well, sort of.
We travelled to some random place and I have to admit my stomach was doing back flips with the mention of rivers, being knee deep in mud and jumping over things. However, as we approached the start there was no going back. I thought my outfit choice was quite cute but the second the mud swallowed me up to my waist I realised, people don’t really give a crap what I look like, do they? I was constantly having flashbacks to those rare days where I would have to take part in PE and I used to stand there screaming, covering my face and fearing for my life as any sporty person carrying a hockey stick or basketball came within a few metres of me (those things move bloody fast!). I genuinely preferred double maths.
As horrible as I’m making this out to be, I have to admit, it actually wasn’t that bad. Well no, that’s not true. It was horrendous. On the other hand, as cheesy as it sounds, I actually felt a sense of accomplishment for doing something so not Fenella Fox! It may have taken me hours and I may have wanted to give up after the first 30 seconds as my body hit the river water and the Titanic song started playing in my head, but I didn’t give up! I made it out the other side alive. Sure I was a little bit muddier, slightly traumatised and could have ate my family with the hunger, but I’m still here today admitting that I will never ever do that again and I am not recommending it to anybody who has a personality like mine in any way, shape or form!
Needless to say, I’m a Trail Run sensation and to everyone who always picked me last in primary school football and tag rugby…Who’s laughing now? #IHateSport

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