“Digging into a new box of Pringles, I pondered it all…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

I felt stuck, somewhere between familiar chaos and the complete unknown, there I was. My heart felt scattered, pulled from possibility to familiarity. It wasn’t straight forward or simple, it was every “Is he?” and “Should I?” 

Digging into a new box of Pringles, I pondered it all. Where were the ex-lovers? Who are the new ones? Each thought as addictive as each bite, by the time I hit the tin I was was doing a duet of “The Winner Takes It All” with my dog. 

Was it the weather? Was it lockdown? Was it my intuition? There was an energy shift, something felt like it had been knocked out of balance, but I was still standing on the tightrope that was moving me forward. My energy didn’t feel like my own, but I wasn’t sure who it belonged to. It could have belonged to the old me, it could have been the awakening of a new me… or maybe it wasn’t mine at all. 

I looked at the other side of my bed, double checked the Pringle tin, fell asleep beside energy of the unknown, and woke up with all the same questions. 

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