“What’s the hidden conspiracy theory with the men we fall for?”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Will we ever solve the mysteries of modern dating? In a world so social that is lacking real communication, a lot of the time we are left to ponder. We have to seek answers outside of the problem, texting the group chat for advice and skipping to page 52 of your latest magazine to find out why the Virgo in your life is acting a bit off this week. And when things are getting really bad and he has definitely gone weird, you would be googling horoscopes like there’s no tomorrow until you find the one that may vaguely suggest he is just SO mad about you he had to pull away. Thank GOD, I was thinking that had to be the reason.

What’s the hidden conspiracy theory with the men we fall for? Is the downfall of us often pre-planned, or does fate just step in to steer us elsewhere? I often wonder if there is one big answer, one reason why we always end up facing the same problems, but maybe that’s where fate steps into the situation again.

We fall for people who are all so different, but something about them can feel so familiar. It all unfolds in a unique way and then ends with unfollowing each other and having two completely different ideas about what actually happened at the end. Modern men – Do they all secretly have the same star sign? And if so, how compatible is this with Capricorn?

I believe everything is written in the stars, but something about modern love feels like we are all following the same script. So I’m wondering, who is writing it? And when the butterflies start again with new love and first dates, how do we change the expected ending?

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