“In the rat race that is modern love, perhaps we’re all just fighting through the noise…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Time to talk social media and all things contemporary love. So, are modern men refusing to commit because they’re always waiting for something better? Is love struggling to stay afloat amongst so many options in our modern world? In the rat race that is modern love, perhaps we’re all just fighting through the noise.

Absolutely no criticism of women doing their thing and killing it on social media, I’m pooling all of us together here. Slay, Queens! We all have insecurities and doubts, but there is not a single gal on your feed that doesn’t have cellulite or boob sweat, none of these women wake up a natural glowing goddess. We all wake up with morning breath, we all go to bed feeling a bit bloated. The thing is, we all know this, but we still look at edited pictures and then look at our own reflections and his active status. None of us should ever be options, we are all so, SO loved.

The problem with the idea of endless options is the destruction this belief system is leaving behind, it’s planting doubt in the minds of beautiful women, it’s normalising a beauty standard that none of us can reach in real life. We are all fighting to fit into a false society so that he fills the little heart underneath the selfie, but his impact on our real hearts is very different.

Social media has changed the dating game massively, women are becoming one of endless options on various platforms. We have Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Bumble, the list goes on. We can’t be certain we’re the only one because it all moves so quickly. And when they’re gone, we jump straight to the belief that we weren’t good enough, instead of understanding the realisation that he doesn’t even know where he’s jumping to.

Real love has too much depth to breathe easily in the social media society. Let’s be honest, how often do we scroll through Instagram to find a name we don’t want to see sitting under a picture we can’t be certain is real life? It’s disheartening, especially after you’ve spent a weekend with him absorbing all the real parts of you.

The thing is, perhaps he will never find this perfect person he is chasing, and when the options are played out, the platforms are gathering dust, many men will have to face the realisation that they had this perfect person all along, but they were too busy fighting through the noise to notice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this dramatic rant gals. You’re all wonderful, beautiful, powerful and somebody’s main person. Don’t let his lack of a like or the length of his Tinder match list make you doubt this. Fenella Fox, over and out!

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