“This was for young women everywhere wanting to express themselves and take their power back…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Somewhere behind the faux fur coats and 40 hats I’ve never worn, there’s a jumpsuit sitting in my wardrobe that shall stay there. It may be three sizes too small for me now and only cost me about 7 quid on the reduced rail in Penneys at the time, but it’s a symbol – A symbol of female empowerment and a strong belief in the woman that I am. Many moons ago it was in the running as a party outfit, alongside a leopard print dress, for an occasion I was heading to with my man at the time. They both sat on the bed, but I was leaning towards the jumpsuit. Well whatever this jumpsuit had done to my man I don’t know, but he hated it. I saw a cute summery outfit, he saw some demonic force threatening to ruin his night. We had war over this jumpsuit.

I remember sitting there doing my makeup as my eyes were welling up. I had shown him both of the outfits on, my style was my thing, how could he not think I would look equally as nice in the jumpsuit? It was in this moment of youth and insecurity that I finished applying my concealer, looked over at him with teary eyes as he was engrossed in his phone, and realised something. Style was my thing. There was a jumpsuit on that bed that I loved and would be in pictures of memories made with the girls, and there was a man beside it who I wasn’t actually put on the earth to please. I was on this earth to live my passions, believe in them and own them, whether he was backing me or not. In fact, he had absolutely nothing to do with the clothes I wanted to wear. As I told him, your man should think you’re beautiful even if you’re wearing a black bin bag.

“Can you please pass me my outfit?” I said to him, as he confidently leaned over for the leopard print dress. “Oh no, not that one, I’m wearing the jumpsuit!” I added boldly. I had to, this wasn’t just about my relationship, this was for young women everywhere wanting to express themselves and take their power back. And I did. And I rocked that jumpsuit from a teary eyed 7 o’clock, to a laughter filled midnight with my friends because I loved it. Still love it today.

It’s stayed with me ever since. I love loud fashion statements and taking risks, so I refuse to let any man make me feel uncomfortable in something I adore. Find the man that still loves you and doesn’t feel uncomfortable if you wear your Debs dress when you’re just heading out for a panini and side salad, and until he comes along, please keep wearing the jumpsuit. If your passions make your man uncomfortable, you don’t need to tone things down, you need to declutter the wardrobe of your life, starting with that guy.

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