“I tend to put “No worries if not!” at the end of all my date requests even if I’m actually full to the brim with worry…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Make the first move. If you were looking for a sign, keep on reading because this is the post for you! As we know, long gone are the days where it’s the norm for the guy to make the first move. THANK GOD. Can you imagine waiting for that now? These men text us for about 17 years straight and somehow manage to keep it going with “Haha” and ZERO PHYSICAL CONTACT. There would be about eight dates taking place in Ireland daily.

It can be scary putting your heart out there, but the thing is you never know until you try. I tend to put “No worries if not!” at the end of all my date requests even if I’m actually full to the brim with worry, which is 97% of the time. “No worries if not!” loosely translates to: “I AM TRYING TO BE COOL ABOUT THIS BUT MY FRIEND ACTUALLY HAD TO WRESTLE ME FOR MY PHONE TO PRESS SEND BECAUSE I WAS SO FREAKED OUT.” I remember the last time I received a “No worries if not!” text from a guy I was texting. Well I must say, I was deliraaaaa. Nervous to see me? Things are heating up in here hun, he is feeling!

This all used to terrify me, my mum would say: “Ask him for a drink and you’ll know then?” Erm, the HORROR. Now, 500 Fuckboys and plenty of emotional distress later, my coffee invites be flying out there like the letters into 4 Privet Drive. Are we doing this or not hun, I’ve got a dating page to update, you want to be content or not? My next 10 slide swipe, it could be you??

No but honestly, not all lads are oozing confidence, some of the best lads out there might just need a little encouragement. There is absolutely no taboo around wanting to have a slice of lemon drizzle cake with the lad who is Haha-ing you on the daily. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always lovely to be text first or asked out, but you also own the power to get sparks flying.

The absolute worst thing that can happen is losing something you didn’t have anyway. So go for it, whether he’s your classic Mr. Confident or a little bit on the shy scale. Drop him a text, ask him for that coffee. As my Dad always says on bad days: “No matter what, you’ll still be at home this evening drinking a cup of tea in front of the telly!” So my advice would be: “No matter what, you’ll still be smokin’ hot on Saturday night laughing off the outcome with the squad!”

OWN IT, QUEEN. Just think of the lemon drizzle!!

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