“Honesty instead of silence? Goodbyes instead of ghosting? Answers instead of chancers?”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Perhaps at times I say too much, I tend to be sensitive and a “Let’s talk this through” person. To put it quite simply, I’m a closure gal. I don’t enjoy leaving things hanging in the air, but when you’re dating in your twenties in 2020, there tends to be lots of things left hanging there, right? A lot of the guys I get involved with are not closure guys at all, in fact, they aren’t even end guys for there to be closure. They kinda skip out of my life at the most random of times, like we haven’t even finished our starter yet, where are you going? Are you even going to tie your shoelaces?

I’ve spent a lot of my dating years thinking: “Oh bloody hell, I said too much again!” Errr, wrong. Considering this page is focused around men going weird, I think we can confirm that chances are, you didn’t say anything, he just went weird.

I’m not going to say it’s all men, because of course it’s not, but from some of my personal experiences, I have to ask… why can’t some modern men communicate? They say communication is key, but communication actually seems to be hidden behind that locked door, it isn’t the key at all. No doubt there are a number of reasons for this, but this confusion has a negative impact on us loving gals who are left to pick up the pieces that we have no answer to. You can discuss your bedroom antics whilst in the nip, and 0.2 seconds later it’s like pulling blood from a stone when you ask why he went weird on you. You know which nipple I have pierced and which restaurant is my favourite mate, let’s not pretend we’re strangers here.

Then, of course, the lack of communication tumbles towards the psycho accusations because you’re suffocating from confusion and ready to fling a coconut at his Playstation. Psycho or just sick of your shit? You decide…

Seriously though, wouldn’t the dating game be easier if we had honesty instead of silence? Goodbyes instead of ghosting? Answers instead of chancers? It’s something to think about whilst you’re analysing all of his movements from the past 10 months. Orrrr, why don’t you make your life easier and just ask him why he- OH NO WAIT. Ah, what a lovely pair of zipped lips, it wasn’t long ago they were calling me beautiful and saying “No, I do like you though!” Hmmm, your actions are deafening hun.

FYI, I refuse to be the one who has to cross the street, I will not skip the River Island sale on my shopping trip just because you’re too afraid to tell me how you feel. #ClosureGal

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