“They have an ideal relationship, no problems and before I know it, a house on the Irish coast…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

The only thing scarier than accidentally typing to your ex on Snapchat is your Mum attempting to zoom on Instagram. These both tie into one big fear… creeping. I remember my Dad once said: “How is it creeping? Isn’t this what social media is for? Why do people post if they don’t want people to look at it?” And while I can’t argue with his genius logic there at all, I still shudder when I think about all of the possibilities. Imagine liking a tagged picture of the guy you like that was posted in 2018 by his aunt? Or when you read too many comments that end up breaking your heart within minutes? NO THANKS.

We are so quick to dive into the depths of the social media unknown, looking for answers through the Valencia filter or captions, but all we’re left with is more questions. Are they kinda texting or actually dating? Is he liking her picture because they once worked together or are they getting it on every night when I’m crying myself to sleep over him? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. And the questions only lead to creating imaginary scenarios in your head… can’t believe he liked her selfie, guess that means they’re going on holiday together soon and have discussed baby names. CLASSIC HIM, RIGHT? Woah, hold up hun. And when I say hun, yes, I’m also referring to myself.

I have created so many wonderful imaginary scenarios in my head for my ex’s and crushes, and many of these have made me seriously feel like crap because damn were these good lives to be living. They have an ideal relationship, no problems and before I know it, a house on the Irish coast. Funnily enough, these scenarios always leave out his commitment issues, fuckboy tendencies, and basically his entire personality. Weird. eh? When I was seeing him he was a living nightmare, but she is suddenly dating Tommy Fury. Honestly, without even realising it I have made every guy I ever cared about their own little dating guide as I was slowly but surely losing the plot.

The thing is, the idea of “relationship goals” is false. I learned this the hard way when I was commenting heart emojis under lovey dovey appreciation posts my ex would post of us after we had had another blazing row. I’ve seen him post these with new women since, and while it all looks very romantic to the rest of social media, all I can think is: “Why are you STILL being a douchebag??”

There is no perfect relationship, and even if there is, yours will come along someday too. I want you to ask yourself: Is his life really that perfect or have I read into something because I’m only focused on his name amongst the volumes of others? Honestly, I could go on about this all day because I relate 1000%, but the main message I want to get across here is, GET OFF HIS INSTA. NOW. MUTE HIS ASS ASAP.

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